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Hi all, ex Hawthorn Leslies shipbuilder here, so links with RN through family and work; having helped build HMS's Ark Royal, Cardiff, York, Illustrious, Sub Vanguard, and big roles in building Coventry & Chatham, I ended up injured and so now build model R/C ships.

I have a friend , Rex Hunt, from Norwich, who has some queries about the flightdeck of HMS Hermes as it was during the Falklands War

He has made a 1:96 scale model of her to May 1982, but needs help with the following information if anyone can help he'd be eternally grateful.

The model is shown here; HMS HERMES Falklands War - YouTube

...and during 2011 helped raise over £1,500 for Help 4 Heroes alongside some of my models.

HMS EDINBURGH Radio Control Model Destroyer Scratch built 1:64 Scale - YouTube

Any help gratefully received; Here is his request for information;

"The info I am looking for is to fill a couple of gaps.
Some photos clearly show the mid runway 'tramlines' both broken at the same distance from the bow/stern, I need to confirm that
1/ these breaks are lights and
2/ the colour.
There are also a line of 'lumps' across the front edge of the 'ski jump' and at the 'round down' at the stern. same info needed!"

I, similarly am desperate for information on Invincibles deck markings to the same period,

I know its only models, but thanks to our governments it might be all we're left with...

regards Bry


Blimey, that is one serious modelmaker.

Yes, the model is detailed precisely to the day the SAS lads took off from the flightdeck and were sadly lost.....all the aircraft shown detailed down to the last repair patch and marking... Wish I could match his standards:-D
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Yes, the model is detailed precisely to the day the SAS lads took off from the flightdeck and were sadly lost.....the aircraft detailed down to the last reapir patch and marking... Wish I could match his standards:-D

'Ben' Casey, (Aircrewman,) was in the Sea King that was carrying the SAS on that sortie and alas he too died in the fatal crash.

Good luck in your research and building of the models.


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Hawthorn, I was PO of one Watch of the Flight Deck parties on Vince during the Falklands Campaign. Drop me a mail and I'll contact your mate. I live not far from Norwich.


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I also hail from Norwich roofrat, during my time I got to know quite a few 'townies', although a bit before the 'Vince's' time.


Excellent model. How many hours did that take you ?
i'm going to drop you a PM

The Hermes model took around 3 years planning and a further 4 to build, The 1:64 scale HMS Edinburgh took nearly 4 years to build by Chris Bullock of Norwich, and has just underwent a full rebuild taking a year by me, in which it was resealed, repaired and upgraded with hanger, bridge and all external detailing, though I couldn't get the hanger right

They are both award winners




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Excellent models, remember when visiting the States their Veterans display model warships at the airports in sealed cases. Similarly the French seem to do a lot of modelling and display them. All fine exhibits.

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