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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Hawthorns, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, ex Hawthorn Leslies shipbuilder here, so links with RN through family and work; having helped build HMS's Ark Royal, Cardiff, York, Illustrious, Sub Vanguard, and big roles in building Coventry & Chatham, I ended up injured and so now build model R/C ships.

    I have a friend , Rex Hunt, from Norwich, who has some queries about the flightdeck of HMS Hermes as it was during the Falklands War

    He has made a 1:96 scale model of her to May 1982, but needs help with the following information if anyone can help he'd be eternally grateful.

    The model is shown here; HMS HERMES Falklands War - YouTube

    ...and during 2011 helped raise over £1,500 for Help 4 Heroes alongside some of my models.

    HMS EDINBURGH Radio Control Model Destroyer Scratch built 1:64 Scale - YouTube

    Any help gratefully received; Here is his request for information;

    "The info I am looking for is to fill a couple of gaps.
    Some photos clearly show the mid runway 'tramlines' both broken at the same distance from the bow/stern, I need to confirm that
    1/ these breaks are lights and
    2/ the colour.
    There are also a line of 'lumps' across the front edge of the 'ski jump' and at the 'round down' at the stern. same info needed!"

    I, similarly am desperate for information on Invincibles deck markings to the same period,

    I know its only models, but thanks to our governments it might be all we're left with...

    regards Bry
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Blimey, that is one serious modelmaker.
  3. Yes, the model is detailed precisely to the day the SAS lads took off from the flightdeck and were sadly lost.....all the aircraft shown detailed down to the last repair patch and marking... Wish I could match his standards:-D
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  4. Fabulous models. This looks like one for the Military Aircrew section of PPRuNe and the Fleet Air Arm Association. I'm sure they'd be impressed by the videos, too.
  5. 'Ben' Casey, (Aircrewman,) was in the Sea King that was carrying the SAS on that sortie and alas he too died in the fatal crash.

    Good luck in your research and building of the models.
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  6. Thanks Naval Gazer, I'll get Rex to chase that lead. And thanks to Waspie for reminding me of the aircrew loss. RIP all.
  7. Hawthorn, I was PO of one Watch of the Flight Deck parties on Vince during the Falklands Campaign. Drop me a mail and I'll contact your mate. I live not far from Norwich.
  8. pm is on way
  9. I also hail from Norwich roofrat, during my time I got to know quite a few 'townies', although a bit before the 'Vince's' time.
  10. Excellent model. How many hours did that take you ?
    i'm going to drop you a PM
  11. The Hermes model took around 3 years planning and a further 4 to build, The 1:64 scale HMS Edinburgh took nearly 4 years to build by Chris Bullock of Norwich, and has just underwent a full rebuild taking a year by me, in which it was resealed, repaired and upgraded with hanger, bridge and all external detailing, though I couldn't get the hanger right [​IMG]

    They are both award winners


  12. Excellent models, remember when visiting the States their Veterans display model warships at the airports in sealed cases. Similarly the French seem to do a lot of modelling and display them. All fine exhibits.
  13. Thanks Roofrat, and Hermes_R12,So far the model has taken me 5 years with research etc included. Can't quantify the hours!
    My target is to have it completed for show by March 2012 in memory of those who didn't return, or returned damaged in one way or another from Operation Corporate.

    The main challenge, apart from the clock, is accurately portraying the Flight Deck.





    As you will see from close examination of the photo's of 'H' above ( Viraat) the tramlines are both broken in pairs at intervals along the 'runway', I believe this may be with lights, if so I would like to find out what colour, so I fit the right LEDs.
    I could always fit pink and wait for some smart Alec to tell me 'You got that wrong Mate', but I would rather get it right first time.
    Also in the photo of the crewmembers standing along the ramp top, I can see a number of 'lumps' that may also be lights, they are matched by a similar set across the stern round down. Again same problem!

    Visits to FAAM Yeovilton, RN Museum Portsmouth, RN Historical Branch and museums at Greenwich,Chatham and Glasgow although having splendid models, have been less than fruitful even if they have been enjoyable!

    Any help you can give will be much appreciated.


    Rex (ex-Pompey kid,with a son serving today in the 'Andrew', ex-Crab, and proud of it!)
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  14. One query Rex has is this;

    are the raised black lines on the white lines and at end of ramp lights -and if so what colour, or are they just reflective strips?

    [​IMG] Any help gratefully received. OOPs he's beat me too it....:slow:
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  15. Those models are amazing. I did a model of HMS Illustrious once (it came in kit form, so yeah, kinda cheating) and the flight deck was an absolute nightmare.

  16. Especially if it doesn't come with the kit
  17. it did alright. But the ski-ramp in particular was quite frustrating. I got there in the end though
  18. Thanks lads, as you can see from the video, HMS HERMES Falklands War - YouTube Rex is just fine tuning it now (He's a perfectionist and we'd expect nothing less :slow:). Hopefully he'll get the information he's after.

    As for your kit, I take it your referring to airfix 1:350, not the scratch built larger ones we currently build. There's a one on our forum which a lad called Phil (PAR) recently completed changing it to a version of early Falklands HMS Invincible (glutton for punishment)'s a picture -Personally, love the way he does waveforms...


    I think I'll definately be heading down that line soon because these large scratch built R/C jobs are tooooo heavy...
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2011
  19. Yeah, that. I got it for my birthday last year.

    I'm probably too old to be playing around with airfix, but there's some things I just can't grow out of....

    I also made a model of HMS Trafalgar. That was nice and easy. :D

    I am considering making a model of HMS Nottingham (in other words, a Batch 2 T42). I'll buy in a basic T42 kit but probably make some parts of my own. I chose Nottingham, not because it had a great service history, but it is my hometown, after all
  20. Hawthorns, Rex and Hermes R12
    I was a Hangar Rat on the Hermes during the Falklands suggest you join the following 2 groups on facebook and you can ask the guys who actually painted the deck!! any and all Q's will be quickly answered, along with a lot of non published pics Log in | Facebook and Log in | Facebook
    Enjoy... 'Boots' Riley

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