Help with getting fit enough to excell in training!!!?!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DanEdwards1863, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. I have a pretty decent level of fitness, but I would like to know if anyone has any unique fitness schedules they used/using prior to joining the RN, which they wouldn't mind sharing. Any advice is appreciated. :)
    1.5 run - just under 11 mins
    Press Ups - 45 in 2 mins
    Sit Ups - 63 in 2 mins
    ...for anyone who gives a 5h1t.
  2. I'm joining this February and the training schedule I currently do is;
    2 x 6 mile runs a week - timed
    2 x 60 minute continuos swim a week (about a mile)
    1 x 2.4km run a week - timed
    4 x sets 40 push ups
    4 x sets 50 sit ups
    4 x sets 40 push ups (wide)
    Every 2 days I train with a days rest on press ups and sit ups.
    2 / 3 x amazon and tornado circuits a week at the local mma gym.
    If press ups and sit ups fall on these days then I just do the circuits as it's intense body weight exercises anyway. Plus I'm shagged from it.

    Eat a high protein diet with enough carbs to power you through the day. Try to keep off chocolate digestives and snickers.

    Hope this helps you a little bit

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  3. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do they still have best recruit or has that been ditched due to EU regulations?
  4. Due to EU membership I believe the winner has to be from the EU and is linked to whoever is in charge at the time! So prob a Belgium called Herman.

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  5. So someone from the UK then.
  6. 7 minute workout is good.

    It's basically a short sharp 7 minute circuit session consisting of 12 exercises. You do 30 seconds of each banging out as many reps as you can. Then 10 seconds rest. Then 30 seconds of the next exercise. Do this everyday.

    It's good and it only takes up 7 minutes of your time. Add it to your training regime in addition to running, cycling, swimming etc. You'll notice the difference fairly quickly.

    There are shitloads of free apps for it. Get amongst it.

    The 7-minute workout that has been proven to do as much good as a long run and a weights session - but you must be in PAIN to reap benefits | Mail Online
  7. I'm currently aiming for 3 runs per week - 2x 1.5m and 1x 2m.

    Alongside this I'm visiting the gym 3 times per week for strength in different muscle groups (chest/tri one day, bicep/back next day etc).

    In addition I go to 3 fitness classes per week if time allows;

    VIPR 30 Min - Circuits with strength exercises using a rubber cylinder-like weight bar
    Boot Camp 1hr - Intense circuits and sprints
    TRX Cable Suspension 30 Min - Mix of circuits + strength using your bodyweight hanging from cables

    I used to swim 2-3x a week (and plan to again soon) but my body had a hard time keeping up with all the exercise I was doing. Getting a thigh cramp in the deep end of the swimming pool isn't very fun :drunken:

    All of the above exercises weren't followed as consistently as I'd hoped, however since I now know my PRNC/Raleigh date they are getting followed religiously!
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  8. exJenny

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    Distinct lack of ironing fitness amongst this lot.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
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  9. Without wishing to belittle any of the phiz people are doing, it's worth noting that PT at Raleigh is in fact a piece of piss and fitness standards in the RN are decidedly average.

    As long as you can pass the RNFT you will be fine. I rocked up on day one, having filled out my fitness booklet on the train, most of my oppos had done the same. Prior to Raleigh, my weekly training routine consisted of going out on my BMX to do some jumps and look cool. I passed the RNFT easily. 11.13 is a time that any healthy individual should be able to achieve regardless of how much exercise they do. If you can't then you need to take a serious look at your lifestyle and what you're doing/eating.

    Other than the RNFT, you'll have to contend with a few sessions of circuits every week, some swimming and that's about it.

    Anyone expecting to rock up and be put through a massive physical beasting will be pleasantly disappointed. Having said that, keep up the training, everyone loves a winner and if you can get a good RNFT time it gives you bragging points.

    In all seriousness Jenny's point above stands. Keeping on top of the ironing at Raleigh is ****loads harder than the phiz and I am being 100% sincere when I say that. More people failed in my entry for shit ironing and dhobeying than for gash phiz.
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  10. How many perfect creases are advised per week? I'm sure I can find somewhere to fit them in!
  11. And which is the best iron? I think we should be told.....
  12. It's got to fit in the bag you take..but that's another thread!
  13. Feck me your only joining the Navy, your not going for SF selection. But just my two pence worth regarding weight training, don't bother doing muscle groups the only weight training you should be doing are deads and squats, but then again do you really need to do weights to join the Navy ? I thought body weight training was good enough.
  14. As long as you can lift 2x 20kg bags over 25meters, 4 times under a minuet you'll be fine on the strength.

    If you WANT to feel like you've done a work out though, I recommend doing "Insanity", now that's cheeky!
  15. Looking at some of your comments it seems even I do too much pt. Thanks for the advice though :), my plan is to get as fit as possible, so when I start basic (whenever that day comes), my fitness is something I won't have to worry about.
  16. I originally started doing weights to put on size as I was on the lower end of the BMI scale, 1 year on I've went from 60 to 80kg and feel much more healthy for it! I don't really do intense targeted exercises, I mainly just stick to the weight machines as my core/balance is covered through the classes I do.

    By squats do you mean weighted squats? I've actually never done them with weight but I do plenty without.

    You probably could get Navy fit just by running a few times a week with a mix of push ups etc, but I've grown to enjoy it - I guess it's kind of addicting!

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  17. Lol fitness!!!! If you into phys then join the RM the RN is all about ironing, washing, team work etc. if your arrogant enough to be super fit to brown nose your way through basic n leave your oppos behind then your in the wrong firm. Phys is basic as long as you meet the minimum standard then no one gives a monkeys. You might think your getting ahead of the game but when your in fleet if everyone thinks your a brown nose tosser then it's gonna be a lonely existence. Teamwork is what you need to work on not phys!!!!
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  18. Yeah! **** trying to be the best you possibly can and putting your heart and soul into things whilst at the same time doing yourself a world of good.

    Arrogant or brown nosing for wanting to be fit? Have a word. Better to have someone physically capable on your 'team' than dead weight holding everyone back.

    'Lol fitness' - you sound like a real asset.
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  19. Getting fit is the best prep you can do before joining up! Yes teamwork is very important but if your fitness is lacking you will be letting your oppos down big time. Especially on Pier Cellers, the stretcher run, the obstacle course, the assault course and of course on Dartmoor and Bright Diamond.
  20. Have you thought about downloading the crossfit apps? I've been using them lately, some of the circuits are pretty harsh.

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