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Geeks question I'm afraid but I hope someone knows the answer.

Currently I use ISpring free to convert powerpoint presentations into flash movies, I then embed them into a pdf format and include them in a pdf portfolio using Adobe Pro 9 for viewing by clients (there's good reason for doing this involving security and a frontpage format that the client likes) However, ISpring kicks out swf files with actionscript 2, I'd like to make use of Adobe 9's new features that require actionscript 3.

So the question, does anybody know of a programme, preferably free but if not at least with a trial version I can try before purchasing, that will do this. I've tried a few but none seem to be supported by Adobe 9!
Sorry mate, just seen your post :)

What version of Ispring are you using?

Ispring Pro free trial (version 3.5 build 2360) is available here.

Let me know either here or via PM if this doesn't help and I will activate my "contacts" (ahem) ;)


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Thanks mate, I will give it a go and see if it works, then splash out if it does.

Glad to know I'm not the only one suffereing from severe geekiness :thumright:

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