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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by kyle592, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. Well over the last year i've gained quite abit of weight and my fitness has dropped, and joining the military is a massive dream of mine and with my current fitness i probably couldn't do it.

    I am a large lad and theres no doubt about that, with a 40 inch chest at the age of 16 i am quite big and my chest doesn't have any fat on it, its just around my stomach and thighs.

    So i'm asking if anyone, has any tips or exercise programmes which i can follow for the next two years, i have running trainers, access to an elliptical trainer, but i can't go to a gym, swimming pool, or bike-as mine is bummed out- ooow i do have two dumbells, i know i've probably made it really complicated to give help.

    I really want some help as i feel really self confidence, i wouldn't even dare go anywhere near an afco without feeling i'd be laughed at behind my back, and the social stigma for being overweight these days is really down putting and i don't feel i can trust anyone in school or out and about,even so called "friends".

    So any help/advice would be greatly apprectiated.

    Thank you all. Sincerely.
  2. you can loose weight by just reducing your cal. intake and watching your carb intake as well,

    also a book called a body for life has a dumbell/barbell and very little machine use based work out or you can borrow a book from the library I think there is also I book called the dumbell workout too
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I've also found the use of a fit ball useful too - surprisingly effective for something so simple and works wonders on core strength and balance. I was introduced to this simple piece of relatively cheap equipment (10-15 punds) by the PTI staff at MWS Collingwood - just got to find the pump to reintroduce mine into service.
  4. I really admire where your coming from Kyle, having low self confidence but still wanting to do something about it is really great.
    I can assure you that if you went to an AFCO that they woudn't laugh behind your back, they would be pleased that you came and showed an interest in joining up. They would also have lots of fitness regimes that you would be able to follow.
    If your confidence is still not high enough for that just yet but still want to exercise, why don't you try walking first, long distance at a good pace at first then progressing onto running. If your so called friends do laugh at you, tell them to go f**k themselves because your trying to improve yourself and don't need them to do it.
    Hope this helps, I'm a bootneck and do a lot of PT anyway so if you need any advice or circuits just PM me and i'll get back to ya.

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