Help, with finding my Grandfathers Navy Service records, during ww2??...


Hi there

im having problems, finding my grandfathers Navy records!,.....i am a member of Ancestry, and i have looked on NA website,..but i cant seem to find anything!
If anyone can help,..i would be most grateful.
his name:
John Ireland
b: 1922 Belfast
D:1982 Belfast
served with the royal Navy during and after ww2,..on my fathers Birth Certificate, it says his occupation, was a riveter, with The Royal Navy!

Any info, would be great,...thanks in advance!



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Service records for RN are not on electronic file like the Army records.
Iirc they are still available but you will need to employ a researcher to actually go along and photograph the files cor you.
You can also obtain his service docs from the MOD under the freedom of information act.
If the person has been deceased 25 years or if you are next of kin
This would work for you. I will send you the details later. On the road at the moment so no access to my records.


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This is who you need to write to.
Give them all the details known.
Hey may ask for payment to process.
Iirc about 30 quid.

RN Disclosure Cell Room 107, Victory Building,HMNB Portsmouth PO1 3LS


ok, Thank you very much!

wonder if i can pop along to the place!..Portsmouth isnt too far from me!
Thank you very very much!


I sent off for my father's and uncle's records. They took a few weeks to come back, and what you get can be a little sparse - a list of names of 'ships' and dates, in my case. I have spent a day on Google finding out about these 'ships', many of which were actually training bases on land (one was a hotel!). You should also get a page with the medal entitlements.

It's an excellent starting point, but you'll probably need to do more digging once you get it. Good luck!

(Oh, and the Navy search bods who send back the information seem to be based in Derbyshire, from the address on the letter head.)
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