Help with Eyesight test? + RT query

Hi guys,

Having used the search function :cool: and tried to research what they actually do during the eyesight part of the medical, have found posts generally more than a year old. Is it performed with glasses on or off? I aint got the best eyesight in the world without glasses (understatement) so am worried the application is over before it really starts.

With glasses im confident of a pass, but without them i probably wouldnt be able to read the first line on one of those eye sight tests at the normal distance

Also, can someone laymens terms or colloquially how bad VA3 and under really is?

About the RT, which source would you say is the most suited to reviising for the test?

If it helps I've applied for AEO

Really appreciated


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(2) Visual standards: The minimum standards for both uncorrected and corrected visual acuity on recruitment are determined by single-Service authorities and are dependent upon the proposed employment and trade group. Spectacle or contact lens correction must not be greater than -7 dioptres or +8 dioptres in any meridian. Impaired colour perception (colour blindness) is not a bar to service but may limit career choices.


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Also, can someone laymens terms or colloquially how bad VA3 and under really is?
As the guidelines are very specific, you could potentially save yourself a lot of time and worry by downloading the RN eyesight requirements (which you can find by searching) and going for a test. It will cost you around £20, but whether it's a positive or negative outcome, it will probably be worth it as it will allow you to decide whether to proceed or not.
Thanks a lot guys, I've had a look at the eyesight requirements, I remember a table of some sorts detailing the eyesight requirements, i.e diopeters etc that you can take with you to the optician, are those still about? looking at the PDF, it's a six page spread and dunno If the optician would understand it all.

Would someone like specsavers be able to tell me from memory if my eysight is within requirements? or do I just ask if it's within 6 diopeters? Also on the 6/6, 6/9 scale is there any requirement for that?

I apologise if its common knowledge but I have seen 6/6 in one place and others elsewhere, probably just me but I am thinking of getting a test beforehand so would like as much info as possible to go to the Opticians with
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