HELP with basic information on a marine


Hi all,
first time posting on a forum, so bare with me all

Helping a young lady to try and trace a family member, only she has the most basic info and I could really do with some help decoding it!!
Info is just from a envelope addressed to the marine I'm trying to trace and is as follows:

24748524 MNR Millington (IR)
42 Commando
Royal Marines

That is all that's wrote on the envelope, we know he was serving in 1991 and was born around the 1970's.
Is that his service number?
What would the MNR stand for?

Any help would be appreciated in trying to work out what these letters stand for and whether that is actually his service number.

Many thanks in advance and apologies if I have posted this on completely the wrong thread!!


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That would be his service number but in 1991 the number should start with the letter P. Marine is normally abbreviated Mne


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Are you sure it's MNR not GNR? If he was army then likely attached to 42 cdo Royal Artillery at that time based in the citadel in Plymouth


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GNR would make sense but I don't know why he'd have 42 down as his address as 29 Commando Regt RA are based in the Royal Citadel in Plymouth, unless he was a gunnery observer and embedded with 42.