Help! Who knows what this book is called


War Hero
My wife is trying to get hold of a book, the problem is she knows neither its name or author which makes tracking it down a little tricky!

The book is about 3 girls who join the WRNS in WWII and the story is set in Scotland..................... any ideas? Don't let your imaginations run riot by the way :dwarf:


War Hero
lorraine said:
Elizabeth Elgin

"All the sweet promises"

You can get it on Amazon

Hope thats the right one ?
Brilliant, thanks for that Lorraine and thanks Sarah for the link. Mrs Chieftiff says thanks.

Blobs I think you and NZB could knock up a cracking version, more than happy for that although I don't think Mrs Chieftiff will be reading it :thumright:
Once upon a time when the bombs fell on London and matelots wore cap tallies bare except for the letters HMS, three gorgeous young Wrens turned up at HMS Blair, the secret base where disinformation was fed to a gullible enemy (OK then, the British public) and as they walked towards the iron gates, the eldest, 22 year old Dolly Byrd, rolled up her.......

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