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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Dredd, Nov 5, 2014.

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  1. This one reared its head again on BBC Radio Scotland:

    Dunfermline MP Thomas Docherty was waxing lyrical about this bill (well, it was his idea after all) but what caught my attention was the opening statement that a recent survey had found that 20% of serving personnel had experienced either abuse or discrimination, by being insulted or spat at or refused entry to public houses etc..

    20% - otherwise quoted as 1 in 5. I simply don't believe this study (note: study, not survey).

    Unfortunately I cannot find a link to it just now, but I just wanted to ask . . . who here, as a serving member, has personally received abuse while in uniform or were refused entry to a shop or pub specifically because they were service personnel? I know we have debated this before, but from what I recall of that discussion this is why I have such a sceptical view of the accuracy of these study findings.

  2. Never. Not once. I don't know anyone who I've served with who has actually had personal evidence of that happening to them either.

    We were, as a group of matelots and Royal turned away from a pub in Winchester once but that was because we were a large group of 20+ blokes and had nothing to do with us being in the Forces, that particular place had a strict 'no large groups of males' policy which I know many pubs and clubs at home have also for obvious reasons.
  3. My dad was once spat on by a lady in a niqqab, not sure if she was jusy spitting and happened to get him or of was the fact he was in uniform.

    I was once out with some mates shortly after the SQN had returned from Afghan and they were turned away from a club after presenting their IDs. Something the bouncer said was to do with "your lot always in here causing trouble".
  4. Was your dad in rig?

    Why did they present their IDs? Being that it's not a recognised form of ID?
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I was once gravely offended as our ship pulled-in to a fuelling jetty, only to be confronted by a local chap having a poo on the quayside.

    Very rude, he had his back to us also.

    Mind you, nothing surprised me whenever I went to Djibouti.

    Possibly it's just that time of year, when we remembererereer "Our Boys". Coincidentally there's a great outrage thread on ARRSE about this years Poppy Appeal and the appalling behaviour of local supermarket chains, etc. A cracking read:
  6. As a brand new Subbie, straight out of the box, circa early 1984, I was accosted by a scruffy lout with long hair, a beard and wearing an army greatcoat (possibly a student???) and accused of having personally murdered everyone on board the Belgrano ... but that may be slightly off topic
  7. Not sure if it was anything to do directly with being a matelot but when we went for a run ashore in Guzz we would have to do a pub check to see who was banned from which one, then we could work out where to go? Always started off well as we tried to stay together but once the wrong side of a skin fun all went to rats, but we tried our best not to unset the landlords, United Services and the Star of the West were always available.
  8. The existing laws of the land give everyone protection about being attacked I do not believe extending them to include service personnel with sexual orientation, race and disability would bring anything extra to the party. If a landlord does not want a herd of drunken sailors/squaddies in his establishment he should have the right to bar their entry.
    We have already seen that the foul murder of Lee Rigby was given the highest level of attention and the perpetrators dealt with accordingly without any recourse to special laws.
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  9. There was an old chap in Lee On Solent who used to stop "matelot looking people" in the high St, and engage them in conversation. Once he had established a link to her majesties finest he would hurl a tirade of abuse at the top of his voice!

    Until jack stated hunting him down

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  10. MLP, My dad was in No.1's (we were returning from a friends funeral) and Christ knows why they tried using that particular document. Possibly purely to engage in the "it gets me on the base but not in your night club" debate...
  11. In which case I don't blame them for not letting them in.
  12. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oy! Stop trying to polute ARRSE with even more Jacks than have already found their way to the Light! :cool:. :p
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  13. I've been turned away in Portsmouth as I had C+E on my licence therefore must be military.
  14. I've only experienced the opposite. When I had to complete a skipper's challenge a few years ago to get from Pompey to Newcastle to meet the ship with out paying for anything and only allowed to wear uniform (as well as carrying out other challenges along the way) I succesfully completed the task. I personally have never experienced any abuse.

    However I do know someone who had a serious kick in for being a Matelot in Cosham had to have his foreskin removed to replace an eye lid. His ID card was visible in his wallet when he went to pay for a drink in the Railway Pub in Cosham next minute he had pool cue being wrapped around his face. This was in '97 though.

    I still find ladies love a man in uniform although their other halfs are never happy about this (Newcastle and Durham freedom of the city rig runs)
  15. I remember it being bad in Cosham around that time.
  16. Same thing happened to a group of us in Lee On Solent back in 88. We were in a bar on the seafront (the ship I think) and a group of locals stated with the "ffing Skate" stuff. Next thing I remember is a baby tiff getting pushed into a big glass cabinet, I turned and this tattooed freak landed me one! I got one back and that's the last I remember.

    Years later I was on Killicks course and just going into the Bun Penny, two field gunners (I knew) were reading the tattooed prick his horoscope outside. Happened to mention what had happened a few years back so they read it a bit louder.

    Baby tiff came out of it without a single cut!

    Can stand the sound of glass breaking in a pub now

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  17. Evidently wrong.....
    Everybody knows Belgrano was sunk by a torpedo, not a Broadside. :rolleyes:

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  18. It may have been a Torpedo, but shite damage control sunk it

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