HELP warfare specialist sensors new recruit looking for answers.

hi all new to this forum looking for abit of information and advice really I went to my local afco last Friday and enquired about being a submariner in the warfare section hopefully operating the submarines sensors as this for some reason or another is what I fancy doing to cut the story short im in need of a career change so went along to afco as mentioned above.

however I missed out a few questions whilst I was there and was looking for some advice if possible my questions are as following:

what kind of score would I need on aptitude test for the role as a warfare specialist in sensors ? as I am not the best at maths I was told it was 70 by the recruiting staff as he said I at to be an engineer however he was then corrected by his colleague that its not part of engineering its its own department however neither had any knowledge of subs there reply was but they gave me a career guide and some dvds etc to help make my mind up and this is what I am aiming to do so what kind of score would I be looking at ?

any help will be appreciated.

many thanks

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Go for the highest score possible and have the choice of branch. You won't get a score to aim for, bit like doing the minimum possible to get a pass in GCSE's, all you get is a fail!


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Go for the highest score possible and have the choice of branch. You won't get a score to aim for, bit like doing the minimum possible to get a pass in GCSE's, all you get is a fail!

Warfairies, same as everyone, should aim for top marks to allow fall-back options if you do not meet the entry criteria for that particular branch. Higher the score, wider the range of alternatives.

For Warfare Spec, SSM, TSM & Sea Spec you've pretty much blown it if you score less than 50% in each section.
One of the cleverest blokes I have EVER met worked in DERA/Qinetiq. He was the only person I have ever met with a photgraphic memory.

When he was a Uni he was SO clever he knew exactly how much he had to do to get through, then he'd stop.

Which is why he'd only got a Third. And was why he was held back while all his (worse qualified?) peers crept past him on the promotion ladder.

Why aim for a 51% pass?
Thanks for all the replies i also managed to get back to afco office this afternoon got out of work early and got application forms etc.
Thanks for the links they've really helped ive joined upto a online psychometric practise test thing and have started doing the revision need to get my maths upto speed though as im averaging 40-45% in the others im hitting 70-80% its just maths letting me down.
Also managed to get back to afco today and got application forms to get the ball rolling hopefully will pass the RT my fitness shouldn't be too bad as im fairly active but will have to brush up on swimming probably been years since i done any but will start a fitness programme to just ensure i get through it.
And thanks ninja looks like i will really have to work on this maths as I'm just below the 50% that your saying will go online and see what i can find luckily though my girlfriends sister is training to be a maths teacher so will ask her if she doesn't mind helping out abit.
Get on 'brain training' for the DS if you have it, and have a gander at BBC bitesize revision for maths. Remind yourself of how to work things out and then practice working through questions quickly. Good luck!
thanks never thought of using my Ds to help will buy the game tommorrow ive been using the bitesize to refresh my memory on stuff its been a help upto now and im currently doing practise tests on as they have a royal navy test.
I found brain training good just as you have to get your head around numbers quickly. I find maths a struggle but managed to get a decent score on the RT by preparing so i am sure you will be fine :)
Would just like to update the situation with regards to my application I had my aptitude test on Wednesday and I passed I secured a position for the role I chosen of warfare specialist sensors (sm) now I just have to pass my interview on the 13th of march. many thanks to you all for your replies and advice it was much appreciated.



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