HELP Warfare Specialist info + Sport

Hi People,

Im just wondering if anyone knows time ranges between passing your medical + PJFT to a start date as im unsure? I will be joining the warfare branch ...

and also, is football supported in the Navy? Do they play regularly? Are there many opportunities for football in the Navy?

Any replies will be hugely appreciated.


Firstly Christian, you haven't read the sticky about PERSEC yet, have you? We now ALL know you are joining the Warfare Branch and your name........ think about it.

Stangely enough, the Forces in general and the RN in particular do support football - and dozens of other sports. In fact virtually any sport you can think of. Wednesday afternoons are the most common 'sports' afternoons.

Change your log-in NOW.
wednesday afternoon sport?
when does that happen?

not had a wednesday afternoon off for sport...oooooh, not in this decade anyway
Please don't tell me there are no more Wednesday (other days of the week are available) afternoon sports during Pt 2 training, or long courses. Cross country or cycling anyone..........

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