Help Wanted With a Cracking Piece of RN History

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. We've had a cracking contribution to RRpedia by Seaweed. Basically he has imported a piece of work that he did in the mid 1970s that captured his knowledge of RN lingo. Unfortunately his knowledge of the workings of our wiki were limited and thereforeit needs a lot of tidying up.

    His initial contribution can be found here.

    What I've started doing is "wikifying" it and moving it into a series of other pages that can be found starting here. The aim is to make it much more readable and easy to follow. Thus you will see that I have started to break it down into a series of other pages such as the one here.

    Obviously this is a lot of work but I'm sure that even a quick glance will show that this is really worth doing and I'm hoping that people will lend us their support .....

    I know a lot of people are frightened by wiki and the markup language that it uses - please bear in mind that we all started off somewhere and remember the following:

    1. Edits can be reverted exceptionally easily so don't worry about breaking/damaging it!

    2. I'm here to offer advice if you need it .....
  2. Nice one Bad_CO, but this one is about to fall out of the top twenty so I'll give it a bump for you.

  3. Hi being Canadian and all, some of what is written applies to us as well, so if I think of anything, would you mind if I contributed. I already placed one item in the Grammar section, not sure if it still applies and if not someone correct me please.

    I included in the Ac section "Accommodation Space Hatch" An access and exit point for Submarines.

    Is this still called that on your boats, mine were O Boats and that's what we called them, may have been different for your newer Boats?

    I know pretty lame start, but it's good to retrain the grey matter and try to recall what was said and used...

  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Before I dive into the fray, can you confirm whether it is the intent to:

    a) capture Seaweed's contribution without materially changing its content to reflect the RN of the day; or

    b) to base a wider RR Sea Grammar on Seaweed's contribution, amending and appending as necessary?
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    My concept was limited to the usage of the day as an historical record. So please DON'T change what is already there but feel free to ADD additional meanings and additional terms (but make it clear if they are LATER usage).

    The focus should be on slang rather than technical terms I think except for slang usage of technical terms. For instance 'At the dip' and 'Close up' are technical with regard to the positions of a flag hoist but have were used to mean 'paying attention to you' and 'understood'.

    As it is a lot of things have crept in SINCE I gave my last wheel order in 1968 e.g.:

    Bubblehead to mean submariner - I only heard it used for divers.
    Chav City (Porstsmouth)
    Dog Sh1t City (Portsmouth)
    Going ashore 'in rig'
    Golly (for electronic warfare ratings - I think)
    Gronk board (but see Ropey Trophy in my text)
    Noggie (for Norwegian)
    Pinkie (???)
    Pusser's War Canoe
    Warfare branch
    White Mouse
    XO (American - ugh!) for Jimmy/1st Lt

    I had a lot of fun writing the Sea Grammar, hope you all get something out of it too.
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    That was my hope - I was looking for the official party line from either yourself and/or one of the COs. The reason I asked is that given the concept of free-for-all edits that goes along with a Wiki, it could quite easily become changed and lose its focus becoming a generic Jack-speak dictionary rather than focusing on the time at which it was originally written.


  7. Thanks a lot to Flagwagger and some anonymous users for their good work to date. Plenty more to go though but I believe that it will definitely be worth the effort.

    If there is interest in a more current/general "jackspeak" section then why not start one up. The template and menus that I have created can be easily adapted for use ......

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