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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Any one know what a form S151s is ??? Also where can you get a list of all the old stores numbers!! :(
  2. That's some fetish you've got there Scouse
  3. I've got a few including big silv but I didn't know all of em.
  4. How to mend everything in NATO when it's broke.

    You don't want Stores/Stock No.s/NSN's/RDD'S/NAAB's/NAAIHTO's or sod all else.
    All you need to mend broken pussers stuff is this:-

  5. scouse. I can't recall what a Form S151 is/was but give us a clue to what it was supposed to do.

    Funnily enough, I was talking to a pal tonight about the chaos regarding MoD laptops and the demise of the Form S1099.
  6. Its hurting my brain trying to remember, but S151b was a Catering Ledger book page. I think. Does that help? It must be 20 years at least since I used a ledger page
  7. Best reply I've had so far....was thinking about all the other forms, you had given to you :thumbdown:for loss of equipment etc S126 still scares me:razz: ps my mistake it was the S151b that I was thinking of !!! not the the S151s
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  8. S331 dockyard. returns s134 dockyard demands,s149 issue of consumable stores[i,e. nuts and bolts] s156 issue of valuable and and attractive stores, s1102 temporary loan book, the jack dustys bible was the b.r. 4[which I wound up senior rates by quoting ] Air stores was a.p.n. 5 [not too sure about that one] can't recall the ledger number at the moment. and there was the admiralty pattern number book I think was 1702 or something near. Computers were si. fi. and the whole thing was out of Scrouge with ledgers tall stools and quills. hows that for memory after 50 years of a job I hated, been any help?
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  9. S151B was indeed a catering ledger, prior to computerised accounts. Each account had 6 of them (I think). Two each for fresh, frozen and dry items. One set being for service items and one for non-service items. It was basically a stock level form. As stores arrived onboard the date and amount would be entered, then each time some were issued to the galley etc, that amount would be deducted, so you always had a running total.
  10. Some more from memory
    S1082 issue list to galley. S1082A supplementary issues to galley. S1086 monthly expenditure and income list. S71 feeding strengh it came from the master at arms on a daily basis. S549 transfer of stores or casual meals. I will try and remember some more, but its been a very long time.
  11. I only remember the good old S126 - for two reasons:

    a) Pretty obvious!
    b) It was the pennant number of my first boat!
  12. It's an E126 now as it's gone all electronikky.
  13. Could anyone explain to me (other than testing if you are on the onset of dementia) why anyone should require to recall extinct number codes from a job they did when the old King was stuttering?
    It's akin to trying to recall telephone numbers you had at previous addresses, please don't tell me you.....
  14. S1083 was a Supplementry issue form to the galley. A 1082A was just a big 1082 with mutiple galleys on it!
    In addition to the 151b was the S104A which was a bulk stock record. Ahh its all coming back to me now :)
  15. And it was a C126 not an S
  16. Swiftsure was S126.
  17. Was K9P still dog piss?
  18. I think the s151swas a naval stores ledger page, where you kept a running total of the nuts and bolts issued ready for store ship. If you want to see a grown man cry shout "British standard whitworth." I must have counted millions of the bastards.
  19. See my post #11.
  20. Like I said its a fetish thing

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