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Help wanted for the Daughter of a Merchant Seaman


War Hero
Just had a phone call from a friend whose Father has crossed the Bar :cry: :cry: Is their any MN organisation, in the Crewe Cheshire area.!!!!!! Im thinking of a Red Duster for the Funeral ??? is that appropriate??? Thanks for any advice ...


War Hero
I'm sorry to hear that, Scouse. My condolences.

Salford is probably the closest:

Merchant Navy Association
Contact: John Norwood
Telephone: 0161 9508143


War Hero
I would've thought the Red Duster is appropriate. They also easy enough to get hold of.


War Hero
Thanks super star, and Tommo :wink: Have given her the verse from Alfred Lord Tennyson, and the Sailors Prayer :cry:


Failing that try the MCA Marine Office. The nearest is in Liverpool: +44 (0)151 931 6600

They probably won't have one themselves, but may be able to swing something.

As a lender of last resort I'd try the NUS.
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