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Stephen Menary is a young Chelsea supporter who, over the years, has become a good friend to those at and the cfcuk fanzine. In February 2001, Stephen, then a 14-year-old youngster was an Army Cadet, was horrifically maimed by a booby trapped bomb placed by Irish Republican terrorists.

The incident took place in Shepherds Bush, home to the 4th Battalion Parachute Regiment 10 Company of the Territorial Army.

You may have seen the appeal for witnesses that was broadcast on BBC TV's "Crimewatch UK".

Since the tragic incident, Stephen has tried to live as normal life as possible and is a regular at Stamford Bridge where he has a season ticket.

Over the years, he has helped raise thousands of pounds for disabled ex-service charities and marches in the Remembrance Day Parade. Friends of Stephen have set up a Downing Street Petition on the following grounds;

"When an IRA bomb blew up in his hand when he was just 14, Stephen Menary was so horrifically injured that he could have been forgiven for giving up on life.

But despite losing his sight, his lower left arm and the hearing in one ear, the young Army cadet refused to admit defeat.

Over the past six years he has bravely fought to rebuild every possible aspect of his independence.

And now the Government's Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has decided to reward his dedication - by cutting the amount he will receive because he has learned how to cook for himself and do his own washing.

In an age of huge compensation payouts - with even convicts pocketing vast sums for alleged infringements of their rights - Stephen has fallen victim to the authority's controversial policy of delaying payments to younger victims to see if they can complete educational courses or improve their life skills.

CICA says that by acquiring his cooking and washing skills, Stephen has done just that and as a result will not now qualify for the full £150,000 compensation package he was expecting."

We here at Chelsea Supporters Group join and cfcuk in our disgust of this story, and appeal to all right-minded people to go to the following website and sign to show your support for a very brave young man.

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