"Help Them Out" Appeal Updates


Lantern Swinger
Following a recent PM, I think it might be appropriate to let you guys know how things have been going over on ARRSE.

It is currently fairly quiet [at least above the surface] after a fairly frantic July. That is summarised on Sgt Slingsby's site HERE. As you can see, we've put quite a bit of effort into the Slingsby website [new items include Slingsby's "Family History" and more of his "Recent Travels"] and greater use of the overall Slingsby concept [travels, Pin sales, etc.]. We have just acquired 2 new Cpl Bears [Hamilcar and Horsa] to enable us to keep the travel opportunities going.

Op SPANISH FLY cases seem to have slackened off a bit after the July surge, but it will unfortunately only take one major engagement to change that instantaneously. We've got one case under the Op HAMSTER banner in the background, but that may be solved this week through professional advice and intervention rather than just throwing cash.

And a new Charity has just been formed in Jersey ... "Holidays For Heroes Jersey" is essentially doing what ARRSE is doing in Spain, although with less desirable weather!! They are raising money locally, so there's no conflict of interests. We have already established 2-way contact with them, and we will explore the possibility of "mutual advantage".

There we go. You're all up to date, and you'll be pleased to know we're not actively begging at the moment.

Thanks as always for your support.

After recent bad press for RR charity giving I am more than happy to contribute to your grand tour, not too sure the joss will approve though. Its good to see RR guys at the fore as well as our pongo mates.

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