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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by noemis, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. I got my dad to petition Number 10, and he got all his old and bold para friends to do the same. Now they want us to help them in return. I'm told that the latest Para wings course was stopped one week in to a three week course, so they really have done it, they have created a parachute regiment that doesn't parachute (top performance Tony!!!!).

    Please help them as they have helped us by following this LINK

    Thanks guys and girls!
  2. Done and done ;)
  3. Yeh where would we be without the paras :shock:

    Sack a few MP's that would save a few million useless farts!!

    I signed!!
  4. Thanks chaps!
  5. I'm in.
    Keep at 'em Noemis.

  6. They've rattled my cage so I'm going to kick theirs in!!
  7. count me in xx
  8. Done mate. Best of luck.

  9. Done and it was a pleasure, wish i was voting to get Blair and gang of con men OUT though. Well done.
  10. Done! good luck guys
  11. Done and dusted. All the best.
  12. It would never happen!! The site would crash with the volume of voters!!

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