help!! telling ur grandparents!

hi all
age old normal problem how do you tell your grandparents that you are joining the royal navy?
one side is ok they, bless them, will forget in a week or two. the otherside well i'm not to sure how to tell them. any suggestions?


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You walk in or telephone them and tell them, its the RN for fcuks sake not a leper colony or pox clinic. If they don't like it tough on them its your life
Just tell them, if telling your granny you are joining the mob is a problem for you then maybe the sea cadets is the way ahead :wink:


Try saying:

'Hi Nan and Grandad. Thought i'd let you have the good news that I'm joining the Royal Navy.

See if that works.
thanx for the idea's,
i think i will just go to nan and grandads and say i'm joining the royal navy, i think the simplist option is the best.
your right though, i am that is joining not them.
thanx once again
:cool: Unless they are CND, Greenpeace, Religious activists or left over hippies from the 60's. Just tell them cos they are from the last generation that thoght the Armed Forces were a good idea and gave unconditional support so you should get many Gold Stars not opposition.

Nutty :cool:

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