HELP!!!!! Techy advice required!

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by MG Maniac, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. Internet Explorer (version 8 for XP) has decided to commit suicide! Well the one I have installed on the pute at home has anyway! I push the button for Explorer and it springs to life ... only to disappear a few seconds later. I've tried un-installing it and re-installing it ... just does the same thing.

    Now OK I've got both Firefox and Chriome on the PC so all is not totally lost and I've told the pute to use Firefox as the default browser ... and yes both Firefox and Chrome are better however....

    I cannot seem to get Outlook to use Firefox to open links in emails ... it insists on using IE which of course doesn't work. Mrs MG is getting threaders as she cannot seem to understand the concept of opening Firefox and finding the link herself ... and you can't "cut and paste" the link in Outlook as, as soon as you point at the box it goes off to open IE and that is ... so its a case of copying down the whole link and tyoing it into to Firefox which is not really what is required. I know IE is crap compared to Firefox or Chrime but it has a pupose in life if only to keep Mrs MG off my back.

    So ... anyone got any ideas??? I think its a corrupted programe but why hasn't the re-install sorted that out ... or is it looking for some .dll in the registry which isn't there due to it upgrading itself???

    Any techy out there got any thoughts on how I can reserect the damn thing without doing a complete Windows re-install which just ain't going to happen???
  2. There should be a setting in Outlook to use Firefox to open links. I know there definitely is in Windows Live Mail so I'd guess you can do the same for Outlook. If not, you might have to delete old system files for IE. (start, run, IE, see what comes up)
  3. Avoid that under all circumstances. I made that mistake and it needs Service Packs 2 and 3 before anything useful will work. Is getting SP1 and 2 easy? Is it buggery. The MS Server fails to respond and the numerous "free" clones just send you corrupt files.

    When I had that problem with IE, I had to delete the U/S version before reinstalling it.
  4. You just need service pack 3 , service pack 1&2 are in it .......innit.
  5. have you changed the default in the control panel?
    and try completely uninstalling IE
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