HELP! Ross of London gunsight telescope

I did take some pictures yesterday - see post #8 - but 'puter said they were too big to upload. So, see post #2 for a linky to a picture of a similar telescope.

It is a cracking bit of kit!
Off the top of my head, how about a form of padded pipe clamp?

Easy to make with a bit of mild steel or even thick ally, and easy to secure to the tripod.
Or even better possibly

Although the last one may cause snags with elevating the scope.
Now your second one is what came to my mind , an old whaler oar ? Holder, but with a UV joint in the shaft for movement? Made from brass with a leather lining?
OK sorry chaps, the old link didn't work, BUT by a spooky coincidence I found a thread on ARRSE with pictures of the same telescope, so, I give you -

Also a couple of pictures from t'web.
View attachment 19749 View attachment 19748

Wrecker, good thinking, but I want brass/copper. On mine the sleeve with the wing nuts is to the right of the sticky out bit on the main body of the scope.
Surely you can get hold of some copper to hammer into shape, or, alternatively, have a look round antique shops/car boot sales to see if someones got an old knackered telescope with the required fittings you can adapt? Brass would be better though, and more in keeping with the scope

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