HELP! Ross of London gunsight telescope

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by SONAR-BENDER, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. I amcertain that a couple of you will be able to point me in the right direction withmy new toy! I have today acquired a ROSS of London telescope. Despite spendingall afternoon Googling etc, I have not been able to find any info thisparticular model.

    I wastold it is a Naval Gun Sighting telescope – details are - it is a 5 to 21Variable Power (stamped on ring below change of power) has a serial No stamping- No. 66988 ROSS, London and another stamping NP 17 or N[SUP]o[/SUP] 17 (note –the right hand leg of the N forms the leg of the P or interferes with the [SUP]o[/SUP]). Also the numbers 453, isolated from any other stamps. It has cross hairs andthe optics are adjustable by turning the collar that has "TURN THIS TO CHANGEPOWER" machined into the knurled 2" wide collar band. Eye piece isalso adjustable to sharpen images using "FOCUSSING" machined intoanother knurled 2" wide collar. Also attached to the barrel of thetelescope is a copper band 3” long, with centrally welded threaded rods having brass wingnuts where it appears to have been mounted to a gimbal/tri-pod or possibly agun rail. It is constructed of all brass, some in original black paint with themain barrel having been lacquered (black?) though now clear-ish, and all optics are in working order.There is a small perpendicular tube, with a cap, some 2” long by 1” dia. Totallength is about 29" and is 2.5" in diameter. It weighs a good fewpounds!

    ANYinformation will be much appreciated!

    Now,where can I get an old mahogany and brass tripod!
  2. Right, after even more time searching, found this!
    Ross Of London Patent Variable Telescope 5 To 21 X Magnification | eBay

    Now, mine is black and where this one has leather, mine has black lacquer which has gone a bit transparent now. Also, where the circular hole on the square plate is in the photo, is where my small, capped tube is. My end cap is the same, but has no engraving. There is no crow's foot marking anywhere. Any information or help anyone?? PLEASE??
  3. Norway Chris or Rumrat might know both gunnery branch
  4. Thanks - didn't want to bother Rummers during the big move!
  5. Would it be possible to add a photo of your new acquisition to the thread, SB, so that we can have a look, please?
  6. Hi Sol - the linky in post #2 shows a virtually identical one! Mine has no wooden box.

    Now, if we could cut and paste pictures..........
  7. Hi. I've just come accross this thread as I have no 65079. I had thought this to be a patent number (as the word PATENT was stamped below it) and was waiting until I had chance to pop into the British Library to investigate(i rarely get to go to London), but I happened to think about doing another search as it'd been quite a few years since my last one, and I found this thread - did anyone come up with any details please?
    Mine seems to match the description very closely with ROSS LONDON 5-21 VARIABLE POWER, FOCUSSING etc. and about 2.5" in dia. with a sharp edge to the end cap/collar (which I made a protective rubber guard for as the combination of it's weight and sharpness would not be kind to feet if it was dropped end down!). It was in a very poor state and could barely be seen through so I stripped it right down annd rebuilt it.
    I'm a hoarder and I have no intention of parting with it (it was my late father-in-laws and I wish it to be passed on down to my grandson, ie his great-grandson) but I really would like to get some info on it ie age and what gun it might have been used with (I'm not even sure it's nautical or not)
  8. Well, I'd forgotten about this thread! So I went and took some pictures of my telescope. (Nope - 'puter says file is too large!) Since then, I have acquired an old mahogany legged theodolite tripod, with a blacked brass cap. So now I'm looking for a way of mating the telescope to the tripod.
  9. As an ex tiff if you are struggling just ask a mech for help, you can always offer to ring the bell, then a free loading back afty will pop out with advise? Have fun:D
  10. You rang :)
  11. Hardy ha! Seriously, if I had access to metal and tools, there would be no problem. One option I have involves cutting a very coarse thread of about 1.75 inches. So, need a lathe - used to love turning me!

    So - any volunteers? I'll pay for the brass and copper and postage and you get all the fun of making it!
  12. Why a lathe, if you get the right size bar stock, a tap and die set would suffice, unless you're using the telescope as an excuse to Mrs SB as to why you now have a lathe in the garage . Zeuss tables are your friend ;)
  13. Wrecker SB wanted help not call in the gods, Zeus was the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, w much is a god going to cost him?:):rolleyes:
  14. And I thought you were a Mech!!
    Zeus Precision Data Charts & Reference Table.jpg

    You should know the only Gods are ME Submariner greenies, the clanky counterparts are deemed demi-gods ;)
  15. I was but now I am an Engineer and have clanky (civy) techs to look books on nuts, bolts, threads etc, I now have to write reports in code that no one has a chance at understanding?
  16. You've actually got a book about spelling! :D:D:D:D
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  17. I also have a dictionary and a spell checker, still no use without a competent operator?:( That's why we have admin staff to review:D:)
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  18. Right! Incensed, I found my vernier caliper and measured said thread. I lied. It is 1 and 7/8 o/s diameter. Now, it has been a while, but I don't think they do taps and dies that big! However, there are many ways of skinning a cat and cutting that thread is but one option.

    Bottom line is I would love to get the telescope married up to the old theodolite tripod - it would look fantastic as the telescope is some 30ish inches long.

    The telescope has (in the past) been fitted with a copper 'sleeve', upon which are two threaded lugs with wing nuts on. My 'plan' is to fabricate a brass 'U' or stirrup, utilising these studs/wing nuts. To this would be brazed a piece of brass rod/tube which in turn would be somehow afixed to the theodolite.

    Answers on the back of a post card to........

    All volunteers gratefully accepted!
  19. I've been watching this thread that I 'necro-ed' with amusement but can I interject and ask if anyone knows what gun this 'scope/sight was used for and a guess at the age please? Any info is gratefully recevied :)
  20. SB photo please, as I was thinking along the same line's some U cup on top of tripod to cradle the scope, with a fixing brace across the top, preferably not maskers?

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