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Just to add to Ships_Cat post on conduit , which is a pain in the arse PuP and can take several passes with a malware program and sometimes some manual input . One program I use on people's pc's who have this s**t of a program is ADWcleaner. Malwarebytes does remove it but like all things sometimes bits get through even with that. ADWcleaner is very agressive and digs deep for PuP's and it can remove PuP's malwarebytes needs a few passes at.

Be warned it can also remove freindly programs in your browser like add blockers you have installed . The report tells you what it has found so just look through it and untick any you wish to keep. It isnt an issue if it does remove programs you wanted you can always put them back after you have removed the nasty. Sometimes agressive action is needed to make sure its all gone.

you can find it here File Parade Software Downloads: AdwCleaner 3.017

I take no responcibility for any mistakes you make lol. Either way you will do no damage to your windows you might just remove a program you wanted .

Oh i forgot to mention adwCleaner does not install it is an exe file that you run from the downloaded file each time . It just meens you can carry it on a usb stick and use it on any pc anywhere without having to install anything. It does a restart of your system after you have removed stuff.
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I bought myself an HP22. All singing and all dancing version.....My ? are...
1) The word capability is crap, and I now have to pay to keep it. Has anyone used/uses or as a replacement?
2) When the fitted McAffee security runs out, is there a freebie that is safe to use, such as AVG? Or will Windows defender and anti virus be sufficient.
Thanks guys and gals, (in anticipation.)


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I tried AVG and it slowed down my computer
I now use Avast and have done for the last three years.
best of all is it is free


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Granny I have open office on my lap top works OK, but if you are used to Microsoft Office, it lacks a lot of the functionality, but for free it's OK


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Thanks Sumo, my lap-top has Vista and Works word came with it as a part of the package. Don't know why Windows 8.1 makes you pay for it.
Thanks all for your helpful replies.

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