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Bit of an awkward request, my father who is an ex warrant officer has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and hasn't got long left. i won't post his name as he doesn't want old mates getting back in touch and getting all maudlin! What I'm looking for is a t shirt or the design of what was on the t shirt given to guys who went out to general dynamics in Pomona back in the eighties to train up on phalanx. From what I remember it had a face on the radar dome with a sailors cap and it had "if it flies it dies" written on it. The idea is that me and my brother want to incorporate that design into a tattoo to kind of honour him by. Know it sounds a bit sappy but any help would be appreciated


Lantern Swinger
Good luck with the idea. Sounds like a nice thing to do.
No idea where you will find a 30 year old teeshirt. But you have made a good start here.
Also try over on facebook. There may be a group related to them.
Yeah it is a toughie, there was a lot of promotional material going around at the time such as mugs and caps with the same imagery. You know how crazy the yanks can be with that sort of thing. Maybe someone has a pic of themselves in the t shirt? One of my fondest memories is when the Cardiff came back from the first gulf war, the phalanx was dressed up in Arab headgear with a smiley face!
I was sorry to read of your father's illness, Airwolf.

Rum Rationers - if anyone can help or has an oppo who may be able to, please do what you can.

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