Help required HMS Tamar and HMS Terror

Hi, can anyone help me please?
I have just got a copy of my late father's navy record and am working my way through trying to decipher it!

Oct 27th 1947 and June 16th 1948 are entries to show he was based at Tamar which I know was Hong Kong (and which fits with what he told me). The ship is almost impossible to read - it looks like Comus?, but might actually end with an "is"? At this time he ws still an ordinary seaman having joined in January 1947. Would he have sailed out in whatever ship this was or gone in another and joined this out there? What would the ship have being engaged in?
Then there are 2 listings for Terror (Singapore) dated Jan 4th 1949 and May 8th 1949, ship the Maenad. Again - what would he have been doing?
I have several other questions, but will post under different headings.
All info gratefully received - thank you


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I believe the CO class went straight out East on building and stayed out there, getting their refits in Singapore and during these the Ship's Company would have been accommodated ashore in the base HMS Terror (or in HK, in HMS Tamar). BNoth were fully functioning dockyards in the 40s & 50s. So your father would probably have been sent out in a troopship during which period he would probably have been borne on the books of maybe Victory if he was a Portsmouth rating (his service number will tell you that, P/ for Portsmouth etc). Seaman ratings would be highly likely to be locally re- drafted during a refit, as stuck in Terror they were not much use to HM. As an example of this, later on Comus went into refit 1957 and her ship's co were then drafted to Cossack which was coming out of refit May 57.


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Here's HMS Cossack, sister ship to Comus, in the Johore Strait May 1957.

As built she may have had another 4.5 gun in X position OR were they completed with the SAquid anti-submarine mortars as shown? I don't know. Looking at your father's dates again, given the launch in 1945, it is possible that he may have steamed her out, depends when she was actually completed.

Couple of pics of Comus HERE:

(a vg site for ship pics of all sorts).

C class were VG seaboats, I sat on the middle of a typhoon on Cossack in the S China Sea, survived to tell the tale.
Seaweed, thank you very much for all that! - he was a Portsmouth rating and the entry before the Tamar one (so beg of Oct '47) is for Victory 1.3 - not sure what the numbers mean? In later years it is sometimes Victory 1.1, sometimes Victory 1.2

I'll have a look at the ships nostalgia site

Thank you very much everyone so far - why didn't I ask him more while he was still alive??

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