Help required for Rolfington Rescue to support veterans

Hi Everyone,
This is my first post here and its a request for help.

My wife and I (Ex-CPOAEA) have set up an off-grid mental health and well being centre community in Cornwall and we have a particular interest in helping veterans, young and old.

We are in the process of expanding our centre and buying a piece of land which we have funded from the sale of our house. The centre will provide educational workshops, seminars, tai chi, counselling and psychotherapy, nature walks, animal therapy and an opportunity for people to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Part of our centre be our therapy room/meeting place which will be a 20ft yurt. We currently are raising money to buy this via a Crowdfunder campaign.

Just imagine the powerful effect of arriving at a small secluded wooded valley location which has a stream gently bubbling through it and is a stones throw from the beautiful Cornish coast.
Everyone that pledges will be entered into a draw to win a two night nature retreat in the yurt.

If you would like to make a pledge, please go to and search for Rolfington Rescue.

We also require volunteers to help with some building and groundwork on site, so if you fancy doing some hard graft for a great cause please get in contact.

Thanks for reading.


War Hero
I'm in the land of the latter day Jock, so cant help with building etc. I will visit the link on crowdfunder and contribute to this excellent idea.

On behalf of every who could benefit from this sort of project, thank you.
Thanks Pug,
Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will help veterans in our area, I promise.

You can visit our website too for a better idea of what we do and who we are.

Any help is much appreciated and please share this thread with anyone who you know would like to help us.


War Hero
(Serious head on for once)

Good morning,

I have recently been informed about my step daughters ex husband (formerly in the Army - 1 D & D) who
served in Bosnia/Kosovo as a young kid, and he's currently going through a hard time. Information is a
bit sketchy right now due to the usual family rifts caused by divorce etc, but his son (my grandson) has
been living with us for the last 3 years and his father, as far as I'm aware has returned to some sort of
facility in Bodmin for further treatment.
Would a place like yours be able to offer any information or assistance? I cannot really comment on
my grandsons fathers condition/state of mind because we have not had a lot of contact with
him for a long time, although Grandson has visited him a couple of times and it was then that we
learned of his problems.
I'm hanging around on here Monday/Tuesday nights (shiftwork)...I've printed off most of your
website details and will await your input.

Yours Aye,

Hi Mac,
Thanks for your post. If you give Louise a call on the landline number (on our website) we will do our best to help.

Warm regards

Thanks JFH,
Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help fellow oppos who need our help.

We are also helping vulnerable groups like the elderly who are being neglected.

Glad to see the fellow Woos on here alive and kicking.

Please spread the word we need to raise £6000 in the next month!
A big thank you to all those who donated. We raised the money required and after being declined for land in order to set up the facility, we have now donated the yurt to Chaos (company helping all of society) Group, Camills farm, based in Portloe, Cornwall. They are already doing an amazing job with Active Plus and helping people back into employment through their community schemes. If you would like to volunteer, google Chaos Group, Veryan Truro.

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