Help Required (A huge History lesson)

Hi there

I have obtained my Grandfathers Service Docs dating back from 1937

I am unable to find out much about him from the web and wondering if anyone can make any sense of it all

Here is what I have on him

He Joined up as a School Boy 2 Mar 1937 (dates & units below)

Ganges: Boy 2/ 2 Mar 1937
Ganges: Boy 1/ 17 Oct 1937
Drake 1: Boy 1/ 10 Dec 1937
Cornwall: Boy 1/7 Jan 1938
Rodney: Boy 1/22 Apr 1938
Rodney: Ord Smn/ 2 Sep 1938 (turns 18)
Drake 1: Ord Smn/14 Jan 1939
Cornwall: Ord Smn/28 Jan 1939
Drake 2 (Punjabi): Ord Smn /16 Mar 1939 (with either an 8 or a S with a strikethrough)
Drake 2 (Punjabi): AB/3 Dec 1939
Defiance: AB/30 Jan 1940
Drake: AB/14 Feb 1941
Prince Leopold: AB/7 Mar 1941
Prince Leopold: A(LS)/12 Sep 1941
Prince Leopold: LS/ 11 Sep 1942
Duty - Escort: LS/4-5 Feb 1943
Prince Leopold: LS/6 Feb 1943
Drake: LS/21 Aug -21 Nov 1943

He was the Invalided out PUNS from RN Hosp Barrow Gurney 21 Nov 1943 (not known why)

Im not even sure of his trade, im assuming he took a trade once he became an AB but thats a guess.

Anyone who can help here would be greatly appreciated. My Grandfather died in 1949 so I cant ask him obviously


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War Hero
It looks like he was a Leading Seaman, passed for PO Seaman. He would also have had a Branch/trade (eg Gunner) which should be on his docs.

As an aside, I have dived the Prince Leopold. I found this from Swanley SAC and copy it here for you.

The site is just shy of 12nm out from Bracklesham Bay to the South East of the Isle of Wight, it took us just under an hour to reach the site which was very easy to find on the echo sounder.

The wreck is sitting in 33 max depth with the deck at 20m. She was built 1930 as a Belgian steamer and was converted to infantry landing ship in 1941. She weighed 2938-ton, 347ft x 46ft, (105.8 x 14 x 4 m) and was armed, with deck guns and depth charges. She ran the Isle of Wight to Normandy route carrying troop landing craft on davits. She was sunk on the 29 July, 1944, by torpedo from German U-boat U-621 under the command of Commander Struckman, the torpedo struck portside midships. Despite capsizing on sinking, the wreck is now upright, but twisted with starboard list on gravel seabed. Highest point is Bofors gun that sits 10m proud, there is a large hole on port side is torpedo damage. The bow lists more than stern, which has 30º lean. The superstructure has long since been swept away. There are still depth charges on racks at stern.
thanks yeah in one of the images it has pencilled in his trade but I cant make it out

I have seen the wreck site on line, but he wasnt onboard when it sank he left the ship shorty after the landings at Sicily which maybe why he was invalided out 4 months later

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