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War Hero
My old man was in Bridlinton with Pusser "During The War", He'd never talk about it :oops:
As this has been discussed in the local media I feel free to comment.
An RN Padre based at RM Poole, acting as Morale Officer, had booked several members of the Sneaky Beaky web footed ones into the Friendly Forester, Bridlington for a post exercise debrief and pish up, not knowing that STC Rates were also booked in after their annual Exercise Regaining Freedom, North Sea saga.
The ensuing shenanigans caused the early 'retirement' of several members of both Units and the Padre was forced to resign his commish and accept a Parish in Fultondale, Birmingham.
The Friendly Forrester was closed for several weeks for reconstruction and redecoration of various areas.

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