Help please !

New on this site trying to find out a bit about an uncle killed in WW2,I'm ex Navy
He was a Royal,he was wounded in action in 1943 and awarded a decoration with the letters E.M.M.W the last letter could be an "H" or an "A".any help would be greatly welcomed.
Thanks all :slow:
thanks for the reply,couldnt find out much about his records and have no idea what the decoration may of looked like,did have a hope that maybe an ex royal may be able to find out a bit about the decoration.
I do know my uncle was a brave man even on the St Nazaire raid.


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Tone, it might help if you start a thread in the 'history' forum instead of this being in site issues. Give it a different title instead of 'help please'.

Try something along the lines of, 'Help please regarding uncles WWII medal'.

Good luck!


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Post the question in the history forum mate. There's some good people who hang around in there and could probably unearth some Gen for you.

beaten to it..:pr:
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