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On Sunday 26th July 2009, 07:55, listen to Martin Bell OBE broadcast an appeal on behalf of SSAFA Forces Help on BBC Radio 4 (

On Christmas Eve 2007, whilst serving in Afghanistan, Royal Marine Mark Ormrod was critically injured in a landmine explosion. He lost both legs and his right arm. Martin Bell will tell listeners how SSAFA helped Mark and his family, and how the public can help us support the men and women in our Armed Forces and their loved ones, in times of need.
The programme will be repeated on the same day at 21:26 and on Thursday 30th July at 15:27 and available online by visiting

Why not help by raising funds for SSAFA forces help by using
What is Everyclick? Its a search engine powered by that raises money via advertising and gives 50% of its revenue to charity every month. Which means that for every search conducted using everyclick 1 penny goes to SSAFA, oh by the way SSAFA stands for Soldiers Sailors Airforce Association. One penny may not seem much but when you realise that SSAFA is purely a charitable driven organisation it means everything.
Thanks for reading now please register by clicking the web site identified below.
bon chance.

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