Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by charl_louize, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Anyone out there to help me with my many questions about rating/officer and the chances of getting in. Please reply! charl x
  2. What are the questions?????
  3. Oh thanks, right.
    Im 18 with 10 gcses A*-B and currently two AS level subjects that take me to 110 points.

    I'm in my second year of AS level and because I hate college and really keen on the idea of becoming a MA, I was going to leave college and try for that.

    But everyone thinks im a fool because apparently i can get the 140 ucas points needed for loggie officer with one more AS level - is this true?

    il tell u more once uv read this! thanks x
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    C-L you will find that you will get a better response if you drop the text talk. There are several threads on the forum that will help you can I suggest that you search for them and then come back with any questions that you might still have
    Good luck whichever way your choices take you
  5. what do you mean text talk?
  6. and iv searched the other threads. all 7 pages, I just want to know whats so bad about going in at rating level because the family are giving me a beasting about not aiming for officer. I just reckon aiming for officer is not my thing.
  7. il tell u more once uv read this! thanks x

    Thats text talk
  8. ok fair enough.
  9. I think he means the u instead of you etc. Some of the members are over 40 and it becomes difficult/annoying for them to understand!! :lol:
  10. im just sharing the love . . . nah seriously tho. .
  11. yeah I probably dont even realise that I'm doing that to be honest. . .young uns these days eh?
  12. And here is some love back xxxxxxxxxxx :wink:
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I understand it and use it myself at times, its a poor practise to get into if you are looking at job applications etc. Unfortunately some of the youngsters are losing sight of what is text talk and what is normally accepted in letter form.

    I am slightly over 40 :wink:
  14. It all depends what YOU want to achieve. If you were my daughter (she's only six, but you get the idea) I too would want to aim as high as you can. However, If you want to start at the lowest level that would be your decision and you would have to live with that decision. There are avenues to take to become an officer once you have joined. Just think long and hard about it before you decide on either.
  15. Ok, firstly, be aware that there will be things about being an MA you might hate.

    It's your life and not everyone elses so you have to do what you think is right for you, and live with the consequences.

    You can calculate UCAS point here:

    And the requirements for Officer and overview of the job are here:

    As you say 140 UCAS points will get the ball rolling but you also have the minor inconvenience of a thing call the AIB or Admiralty Interview Board. Search Rum Ration for loads of posts on that.

    At the end of the day this is your career and you have got a lot time of work ahead of you, so you may as well enjoy what it is you do (and Officers do not necessarily get more enjoyable jobs than ratings).

    Good luck.
  16. I don't think it's that, I have not yet had an assignment rejected for the improper spelling of words - i've probably got my brain engaged in instant messenger mode. Anyway guys, I seriously am stuck in a little rut and any imput [since you are over 40] would be of invaluable use to me!
  17. See posts above!
  18. That's my point exactly - the prospect of the AIB is daunting from what I have read. It's not that I am not ambitious, I am just realistic. I don't want to aim for Officer just because it sounds good to my family because they won't be the ones doing it at the end of the day!

    How long does it generally take [I'm sure this is probably a 'how long is a piece of string' question] as a rating to work up through the ladder, so to speak. I reckon if I have only just scraped 140 points with AS levels only, I am a week applicant?
  19. weak. Jesus I reckon I need to buff my spelling a notch!
  20. Bugger that! No if what you want is the other side of the AIB then work hard for it and have confidence and you will get it. If however what you want from life is to be and MA and progress within that trade and you are only considering Officer because your parents say it is more prestigeous then I could say do what you want to do.

    As I say you are a long time working so you may as well enjoy it. Also you parents got to make their own decision about their careers so it is only fair that you get the same opportunities.

    There is alway the option (as I guess you are relatively young) for you to go in as a rating and then study whilst in the RN to be considered for a Commission (going Officer) at a later date. So that route may be for you.

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