Oh thanks, right.
Im 18 with 10 gcses A*-B and currently two AS level subjects that take me to 110 points.

I'm in my second year of AS level and because I hate college and really keen on the idea of becoming a MA, I was going to leave college and try for that.

But everyone thinks im a fool because apparently i can get the 140 ucas points needed for loggie officer with one more AS level - is this true?

il tell u more once uv read this! thanks x


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C-L you will find that you will get a better response if you drop the text talk. There are several threads on the forum that will help you can I suggest that you search for them and then come back with any questions that you might still have
Good luck whichever way your choices take you


and iv searched the other threads. all 7 pages, I just want to know whats so bad about going in at rating level because the family are giving me a beasting about not aiming for officer. I just reckon aiming for officer is not my thing.
I think he means the u instead of you etc. Some of the members are over 40 and it becomes difficult/annoying for them to understand!! :lol: