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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrismonc87, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Good Evening Rum Ration.
    I have submited my Security Clearnce form.
    then a week later I looked on my Experian credit score, to my horror it said i ow RBS £928 on two accounts and my credit score had gone down from 820 to 307. I know i ow them £464 which i have agreed to pay £300 to cancel the dept, which i have done this morning. but i don't know why i ow them it x2.
    Would this make me fail my clearnce even though i have paid what i agreed i would.
  2. Tell your ACLO as soon as to make sure. I think for a complete rejection on financial grounds your debts have to total 50%+ of what your salary would be. Good luck
  3. Hi thanks for the reply.
    I was going to do it tomorrow anyway
    Atleast i know i have paid it off.
    Do you think it would help if i got in contact with the people who i paid the money too and tell them that im joing up and would they contact the navy saying that i have paid it off and my account is now closed.
  4. Definitely get them to send you a letter confirming that you have paid a 'full and final' payment and that the debt is completely clear. I used to work for a debt collection agency and I lost count of the number of times that banks would take a F&F and then six months later get us to chase people for the 'rest' of the debt. Wouldn't worry about getting them to send a letter to your ACLO just keep hassaling the bastards until they update your credit rating.
  5. Hi
    Its good to know some former credit collector is on my side lol.
    can i ask as you know bout these things, why would they put the same account on twice. I accept that it wouldn't be off yet as i just paid it today but doubling the amount up surely that can't be correct?
    cheers again
  6. As I understand it, you are allowed to be a third of what your salary would be in debt. So say you go in as an officer and start on £24,000 for example, you should really not have more than an £8,000 debt. I'm sure there will be some leniency towards this. I wouldn't worry about a debt under £1,000.
  7. Not sure why they've charged you twice. Off the top of my head they might just have registered the same debt twice which they do quite often
  8. ok thanks.
    would any one seeing this take it as 2 depts or just the same one ie same account but copied
  9. Chris, you need to be asking your bank adviser on this! It will probably be an error. Ring them up to be absolutely sure.
  10. I only know Experian credit rating from experience, on their system it just says who the debts with and vaguely what its for eg loan,overdraft etc and how much it is ,no account numbers I'm afraid. It might be worth making an appointment with your branch manager to raise it with him/her as the average person on the front desk can't do a great deal and its best to get it done and buried once and for all.

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