Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal Navy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mitchy, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. My son is thinking of applying to the Navy.

    He is under assessment for a possible heriditary heart condition ... I have searched all the online info I can find and cannot find any details relating to this condition, so hopefully that means is is not an exempt condition.

    However, I would hate for him to get very far along the route to applying, only to then be disappointed.

    Are there any recruiting officers around who can shed some light? If it is of an relevance he is thinking of joining as a lawyer.

    Many thanks

  2. Re: Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal

    There are a number of good characters around who can fill you in on the specifics, probably tomorrow(although I guess you'll need to supply more info - such as what the heart condition actually is). However, in the mean time I'll tell you something to keep your mind at rest. Applicants get a medical before being selected to go to Raleigh so it is likely that if the condition is a bar to entry it won't be too long before your son find out.

    With a pre-existing condition, it's not likely that he will get all the way to Raleigh and then be discharged.
  3. Thanks for the quick response.

    In anticipation of needing more info, the condition is called dilated cardiomyopathy. His case was discovered via family screening as his dad and uncle have it.

    My son had a couple of fainting episodes more than a year ago, and had a wee monitor fitted to check if it was his heart to blame. Since then he has had no more fainting episodes, and his monitor has not revealed any incident at all in 12 months.
  4. You can join the RN as a lawyer? 8)

    (Sorry, was surprised by that)

    Ninja Stoker and Supermario are AFCO advisers, their word is gospel. Soleil is pretty hot on her feet as well. I think Angry Doc is a serving medical officer, so you know he's good. :thumright:

    Most other people's responses-but not all- (including TTJU, because, if you actually can join the RN as a lawyer I'd imagine it's an officer role, therefore he wouldn't go to Raleigh...) should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  5. Thank you. Sounds like I have come to the right place for an informed answer :D
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  6. Sorry, I had assumed that because his mum was asking the question rather than himself that he wouldn't be applying as an officer. Makes no difference either way though, officers go through all of the selection process that ratings do.
  7. should yours of course seeing that you have not served a fecking day you big timing twat!! As your ignorance regarding qualified professionals joining shows.
    Another candidate for the Quate Big Timers award methinks. :roll:

    Mitchy, I would expect an hereditary medical condition would prove problematic, below is a list of the relevant medical standards posted by Ninja stoker (An AFCO bod and reliable source of info!!). Look under Heart conditions.

    Get as much info as you can from your GP and go to your local AFCO for a chat.
  8. Re: Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal

    No his mum is asking because he is 15 and hasn't yet learned that real life sometimes kicks you in the teeth and that something completely outwith your control, even if you feel it doesn't effect you, can scupper your choices.

    He is quite happy to ask his own questions at the recruiting office in the easter holidays.

    I was just trying to glean a little more knowledge in advance.
  9. Like I said, take answers with a pinch of salt.
  10. Re: Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal

    Seems a good a reason as any.
  11. Re: Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal

    Check here under Heart conditions.

    Best of luck at the AFCO but I think he may be facing disappointment.
  12. Then STOP replying to posts that you know feck all about!!
    You may just be trying to be helpful, but your misleading advice may build up hope and/or confuse potential Recruits, not very helpful at all really, eh?
  13. Thank you for that link .... reading through the list it is a wonder anyone manages to get recruited!
  14. I'll bear that in mind. I'll them to wait for NS or SM in future.

    My mistake eh?
  15. A pleasure.
    Sorry for the inter-member spat, some people need to curb their enthusiasm. :wink:
  16. Last one:

    And that's all it is :( :lol:
  17. Re: Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal

    Z shut up for fcuks sake , you are still tit-feeding and at this time ,you know fcuk all about everything.
  18. Re: Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal

    Hi Mitchy!

    The Barristers in the Royal Navy have generally come up through the Logistics branch - see linky here:

    There are about 26 Barristers listed in the Navy List and about half of them are working in a legal capacity within the RN. A handful of RN Barristers have gone on to be Judges in the civilian Court Service and it's not unknown to find ex-RN Barristers in Chambers here in London.

    WIth regard to your son, as he is so young and given the nature of what you are asking, I'm wondering whether it might be worthwhile 'phoning the AFCO he would be visiting and running it by them informally; they could then make a few enquiries with the Medics so that the situation is clearer for everyone before your son visits. I would hate him to visit the AFCO all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and then to be disappointed because he has been told that his case needs to be referred up.

    If you would like to have the contact details for the AFCO so that you can telephone them, please say so.

    As a side note, what are your son's plans educationally?
  19. Re: Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal

    Soleil, thanks for your educated reply.

    I think our local recruiting office will be in Edinburgh.

    At the moment my son is in fourth year at school, about to sit his standard grades. He is considering Wellbeck (though I suspect his maths isn;t strong enough for that, it seems a straight A kind of place :D)

    Failing that he plans to stay at school until sixth year, hopefully get a batchful of exam results, then head either directly into officer training (all going well) or uni first.

    What would you recommend as the best route - we have heard conflicting reports on whether, if not doing law, Uni is a necessity.

  20. Re: Help please on fitness levels for applying to the Royal

    Wellbeck College is a technical school designed to filter students into the DTUS scheme. This is basically a way of paying students through Uni to complete certain accredited engineering degrees. This wouldn't support his ambition to be a navy lawyer, in that he would have to convince them that he wanted to study engineering at Uni, and he'd have to join as an engineer afterwards. (engineers are better though :p) There might be some places open to non-technical students, but I haven't heard of this, and is the exception, not the rule, if true.

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