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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by shettie, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Cut a long story short... I have found a very old naval badge and cannot find any information about it... My old man was a submariner in the late 40's HMS/M Sturdy as an AB (TM) (if anyone can give me any info on Sturdy as well... Apart from what exists on the web, I know very little...)

    I've been clearing out some old stuff and found 2 badges - Navy Blue background, red laurel round the outside, the Naval crown in the center, with the letters RN at the top and either YE or VE at the bottom. If I can get it scanned in I'll post a pic - any suggestions as to what it is - I'd be grateful. One of the mor interesting bits I found was a typewritten note (very fragile...):

    "HMS Argus -

    This is to certify that Cadet Shettie (Snr.) has made one deck landing as a passenger in Swordfish Aircraft
    Lieutenant Commander RN,
    Commander Flying
    25th July, 1944"

    Also a "B73" booklet - A station card for HMS Dolphin Red Watch... Dated 1946.

    PS - Sorry - I'm an ex-crabfat :)
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  3. The naval crown in a laurel sounds like the trade badge for a Master-at-Arms, I believe, although I'm uncertain what the YE/VE could be.
  4. Thanks for that guys - I had seen that site before - I think that was the one that piqued my interest about trying to find out some more... As for the badge - When I get home I'll try to scan it in so you can take a butchers at it
  5. Right then - that was interesting - found this on

    Royal Navy Youth Entries.

    The badge of the Royal Navy Entries was worn on the upper sleeve of the uniform by sea cadets or personnel of the Home Guard and Air Training Corps, and identified young men, aged 17 years, accepted by the navy and awaiting call-up at the age of 18 years.

    So now I know... Just thought I'd pass it on :) - I'll still post the scanned in badge when I get a chance

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