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Hey folks,..

I'm very interested in joining the RNR however have a couple of questions for anyone qualified to answer them.. (I know I could ring them on the 24hour number on official RN site but thought this would be more in keeping with having had a couple of beers..)

Firstly I'm 34 (not a problem), overweight (won't be a problem for long), Ex TA (could engender some banter but I'll take that as it comes to me..) and work every other weekend (ie one on, one off..)..

My main query is.. during basic training what is the minimum weekend commitment? ie is it every other weekend for 5 months or so.. I don't want to miss any weekends because a, you learn more, b, it puts you in greater stead for getting more out of the unit and c, you get paid for what you attend.. (the 5 months or so is a figure plucked out of thin air based on TA experience..)

Is there anyone on here based at HMS Scotia who could possibly PM me with a few details? Or even post them in response so that others can get the benefit of the answers to my queries?

Unlike (what seems like..) the majority of questioners on here (it's a word, honest!) I'm not really interested in Officer role.. I have a distrust of officer capability due to my being ex regular army, ex TA and the son and brother of long serving soldiers.. TBH I'd rather be with the lads, as its more of a laugh..

My second main query is.. Although I've tried for TA Paras twice, failed to get to p coy because of firstly family commitments then secondly injury and a lack of desire as I was older and a bit more savvy than the younger guys. .. will this go against me in the selection process? Not too bothered if it does, I'd just like a wee heads up so I can prepare my retorts!

Thirdly is there anyone on here from West Lothian/Central scotland area with opinions/advise on what unit to join, ie Scotia/Caledonia in glasgow? Which is easiest to get to?

Fourthly, I'm looking to join the police in the next year or so.. Are there any serving police/RNR on here? Do you have to join RNR first and declare it on police selection? (I've known a few policeman from my time in the TA and they're a mixed bag of joined police before forces and vice versa... Is it different for RNR?)

I shall now pause for breath and await responses..!

PS,. Sorry if these queries are answered somewhere in the forums, I got to page 6 and gave up scanning... :farao:


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Welcome to RR timebandit.

I'm not from SCOTIA but i don't think ther'd be any need to worry about there being too many weekends to attend. I haven't been on an RNR weekend since september and it is not for the want of trying.

You will find that the RNR do far less weekends than the TA, and I'm sorry to say that you will probably find the RNR considerably less organised than the TA also. Its nothing to do with the lack of effort or commitment. Its more down to money and shortage of people who actually have the time to arrange things properly. The TA have much more full time support to sort these kind of things out. Please don't let that put you off because the RNR is a fantastic thing to be part of. It just may take a little getting used to.

From what I've seen the Northern region is one of the better organised ones, as is the South West, so you may have dipped in.

In our unit we like NE's to attend 75% of drill nights, to try and keep them in the groove and prevent skill fade. There are very few weekends available for NE's because you aren't actually qualified for anything yet. Doors of opportunity start to open the more courses you complete.

As i understand it the police, fire and ambulance services have a quota of people that they will allow to join the reserve forces. (Is that legal?). If this is the case then being in the reserves may work against you with the police and if you were in the police first they may not allow you to join the RNR. It's certainly worth asking the question with the police recruiting office.

I wouldn't advise advertising your lack of desire when doing the TA Para course. They may ask the question why did you opt to take the course in the first place if you didn't have the desire to work at it.

I'm sure that if i'm incorrect in what i have put above that someone will take great pleasure in setting me straight. I'm no expert but over the years these are things that I've picked up.

Good luck!

TH :thumright:


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W lothian to scotia, 40min ish, W lothian to Dalriada main unit not NE place, 70-90min.

east coast more friendly, more fun.
east coast movers and shakers.
your call

Stand by Incoming!!!!!


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As a retired Police Officer my advice would be to get your Police career sorted out and on track before going into anything else, certainly the first two years as a PC are fairly intense and require a lot of commitment. Depending on how your career path progresses this training period can run into several years. Plenty of time to look at outside interests once you have established your self.

As I say I'm now retired but there are a few still serving in the Plod, on the forum, that can give you more up to date comments.


Thanks for the replies guys,..

Much appreciated..

When I said lack of desire to do P coy it was because I was much older the 2nd time and through the duration of the course lost the desire to have the "Para Mentality".. ie the belief that everyone else is utter sh** and the unwillingness to accept the good points of other units.. (That's certainly a big part of being a para, in order to be accepted..) I thought it would be less in TA but if anything it's actually worse!

RNR appeals because I think (could be wrong mind!) that although there will be much pride in unit and service its good pride, not insane pride!

I'll give Scotia a call and get the ball rolling.. Can't do any harm!!

Cheers again guys..

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