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HELP PLEASE - Google Search Results and Rum Ration

Everyone can help with this so please have a read and don't just think 'I'm not a web geek, not interested'.

Rum Ration is still nowhere to be seen on the Google search results for "Royal Navy", "Royal Marines" and so on. Getting high up for these searches is very important for the site - users are the life of a forum after all.

I've done a 'search engine friendly' front page and Google has listed us, but what we are really in need of is something called Page Rank - how google assesses the importance of the site on the internet. One of the things that affects this is the number of sites that link to us - this where you can help.

Please have a think about other related sites you use or know about and write to the admin suggesting a link to us and they can add a link to the Rum Ration links module . This should be attractive as the site is already quite large.

"I am writing on behalf of.... ...any queries to Rob at [email protected]"

If you are a webmaster we have plenty of link space or more prominent advertising space in the forums if this would 'buy' us a good, high profile link.

One important thing is that the active part of the link contains the words "Royal Navy and Royal Marines" and links directly to if possible.

Also worth looking at are other forums where most webmasters don't mind the odd plug, blogs if you do one and wikis. I've added us to Wikipedia for example, but there are plenty more.

Thanks for your help. Good google search placement is important and at the moment we spend quite a bit per month for one of the small adds on google search results. It would be good to stop paying this!

Finally - very important - please don't submit the site to any link farms or similar
And a couple of link images which may be useful:



(right click and 'save as' to save the image)

But, the best link possible looks like this:

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Unofficial Community - Rum Ration


Royal Navy and Royal Marines Unofficial Community - Rum Ration
If you use Yahoo! or other chat programmes that give you profile space you can put the link as your favourite link. I shall be doing this when I get home as I have just thought of it.
I just typed 'Royal Navy' into Google and got Rum Ration pretty high up in the links on the right hand side of the page. Seems like a good start!
Unfortunately those are the ones that you have to pay for ....... Anytime anyone clicks on that it costs us approx 10-20p. We'd much prefer to get it in the main results section where it is free. Unfortunately achieving that is not easy! As an example, it has taken us almost 3 years to get ARRSE onto the first page of results for British Army.
I know it might sound a bit "naff" but you don't appear to have a thread to welcome new members , it's surprising what a difference it makes to some people (even if you throw sh*t at them ) they then tend to come back ,
just a thought.
Bad CO...... you could try putting "Royal Navy" into the "Title" section of your heading - the bit that also puts the title on the browser window. Something like "Rum Ration - Unofficial Forum of the Royal Navy"
Good spot - I thought I'd done that, but I'd only doctored the other tags and missed the most important which is still just the standard software's "Name of site > Module > etc.."

Newcomer's forum. I'll open that to the moderators and see what they reckon.

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