Help Please - Failing Keyboard

Which few?

Is there any pattern to the keys that aren't working?

If it's more than one then this is unlikely, but turn it upside down and give it a damned good shake.

I have a feeling it's more likely that you have broken tracks, which are a major job, depending on the model.


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Get a hoover hose (or a small 1" paint brush or toothbrush) and give your keyboard - and while you're at it, your fan vents - a good going over... might just be something sticking between the keys. Or and get between the spaces of the keys.

If that doesn't work, 'drop' it and claim it on the insurance - can be very expensive to do repairs on keyboards (smaller components, etc.)... :wink:
sgtpepperband said:
If that doesn't work, 'drop' it and claim it on the insurance - can be very expensive to do repairs on keyboards (smaller components, etc.)... :wink:

PMSL :thumright:

Depending on the age of your laptop and how hard you tap the keys its probably getting worn . Try the suggested remedies . Stripping them down or repair is a pain .

The price of Laptops at the moment are quite cheap--only thing is they come loaded with Vista. But I would suggest renew it!! Better technology
and probably a lot more add-ons aswell.
My son has just renewed his-----£300 . Mail order next day delivery .
If you're in the UK!!!

:nemo: :nemo:


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Maplins does aerosol cans of spray LP air air (yeah, really!) for cleaning keyboards. That might do it. And I'm not advocating unlawful fraudulent insurance claims, but perhaps I'm sure you told me it was in your rucksack when someone brushed past you, causing it to fall on the pavement..?! 8O :wink:
Cat, I can recommend trying the cleaning route outlined on many a website, is a nice simple version, but I would use alcohol as it leaves no residue and evaps quicker than water.

And if that doesn't work, can you just plug in an external keyboard, USB or PS2, sit it on the keyboard? It makes it a bit bulky but if the laptop is out of date and the parts are like rocking horse poo its cheaper than replacing the keyboard or the machine if it works otherwise. If its a fairly recent laptop, just out of warranty you might find the parts online, but keyboards take a while to get clagged so I doubt thats the case.
one example for a Tosh satellite.... $25

Best of luck with it


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Laptops do get pulled off desks quite easily, and then the insurance company normally replaces it on your household insuance.

Try it, it might just do the job for you.


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