Help please: eyesight


I was wondering if there are any marines reading this who would be able to help me out?

I have been to the AFCO near me and done the medical and PJFT etc, and have been given a date for the PRMC. Only problem is, when I had my eyes tested by the optician she said they were right at the absolute limit of Standard III (the lowest standard for entry) and the doctor who did my medical at the AFCO said the same. My eyesight has been getting I little bit worse every 6 months when I get it tested for a while now and I am really worried that by the time I get to Lymphstone it will be too bad for me to join.

So, my question is: do they test your vision in the medical when you first arrive for training and how do they test it? Any advice? Also, is there a medical or any vision test during the PRMC?

Thanks for any help...
Mate, do not fret. THere will be a medical soon examination after you have been slected to start training. However if your eyesight is too bad - you won't be allowed in. If it is good nough you will. Whatever the case there is nothing you can do about it short of having laser corrective surgery (Currently under review as to whether or not this type of surgery will be a bar to entry or not) If i were you i would get on with focussing on the things that you can control and will impact on your success at PRMC. Get yourself on the 'beam of justice', start banging out the pull ups press ups etc... as per the fitness schedule you have been given.
With absolutely no knowledge of your case history you seem to be at the minimum standard. Minimum standard is still a pass!