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HELP PLEASE (Eyesight)


Im about to go for my interview for the RN, im hoping to be a Warfare Specialist.

Im worried about my eyesight. I have short vision, but i dont know how short exacly, ive read horror tales about people being rejected because of bad eyesight. Can anyone give me a rough idea how bad your eyesight can be without being rejected. I dont wear glasses, althought i should, ill get around to it. Can i get in wearing glasses? I can read fine, i can read small text on a computer monitor about 1 meter away from my eyes as well.
Im worried about my eyesight. I have short vision, but i dont know how short exacly, ive read horror tales about people being rejected because of bad eyesight. Can anyone give me a rough idea how bad your eyesight can be without being rejected.

See (multiple) threads passim (such as this one, this one or this one. Or this one. Or indeed this one)

There is a search facility for the fora here, which might be illuminating, to see if things have already been posted (to the Mods - can we please put entry requirements for eyesight in the FAQ?)

The answer you seek is that, for entry, one's eyesight must be no worse than +6.00 or -6.00 preop (Ref: JSP 346 para 4.20) - I believe it must be +/-3.00 with Colour Perception II for warfare, but I don't have a BR1750A to hand to check.


(Sorry - bad day at work)
As with a lot of employers the RN set basic standards as a condition of employing you, if you are missing a limb, deaf, retarded (unless a regulator) or half blind you won't get in.

Lacking the basic ability to search through a simply set up set of threads on a forum may show a general lack of preparedness(?) for life in the outside world.

Sorry if this upsets anyone (I'm not really) but these constantly repetitive medical questions are worse than the original problems with the G Spot. I again ask that the Mods take action to put all of them together in a Recruiting thread (with a large print headingso that the visually impaired have a chance of finding it) in which all of these questions about recruitment issues can be asked. Those that stray outside also need to be moved and/or deleted.

Not specifically aimed at you ROFLMAN but at all those who do not take the trouble to check before they ask

End of rant, standing by for incoming, going deep :twisted:
Im by no means a stranger to forums, so when i found this forum the search button was naturally the first think i clicked :D

The only threads i found regarding eyesight were ones about laser surgery
When you inquire for the Navy as an Officer you get sent an enquiry form, part of which is an eyesight form. Get a friendly optic to check it and fill in. The standards are on it. If you are boarder line your ACLO should get you checked from HQ before putting you forward. Hope that helps.
It's not just down to numbers.

If you are short-sighteded for example, you will be given an eyesight form. Basically, you need to reach certain criteria corrected and uncorrected. With glasses/contacts you need to read down to a certain line, uncorrected you need to read the top two lines of the snellen eye chart. Needs to be a certain level of uncorrected eyesight.
My advice would be go to the AFCO get the eyesight requirement form and go to your own optician and ask him to test you on that basis. My boy came unstuck with his eyesight and although we knew his eyes weren't the best - he wears glasses all the time, we didn't think they were bad enough to be a problem. Wrong, and it comes as a nasty shock if you leave it late into the whole recruitment process. Sort that out first - I don't think its quite as straight forward as reading from a chart - if you have corrected vision with glasses then they measure how quickly your eyes react to the correction etc.
Look i wear glasses for compouter work and chart work and the navy have that it is ok for me but ask your optician mind did an eyetest cost me £15.00 and she said yes i was eligible if your ncie they will tell you on the spot.
No im going for an eyetest and getting glasses in a few days. im just worried about the naval aspects of eye testing.

i wonder how big the snellen charts are when i get my naval eyetest
The AFCO we went to had a contract with a high street optician up the road from the office. Ditto medical with a civvie gp. Basically the opticians test your eyes in the same way as they would normally but you have to fall in the criteria laid down on the form. My lad wears glasses permanently (shortsighted) and he fell in the VA3 category (VA 1 being perfect VA 4 being go away we don't want you) This meant he could still join but with limited trade options. He couldn't do anything involving watching keeping, comms etc but engineering branches, stores, chef, aircraft handler and steward were what was left if I remember correctly. Your sight doesn't sound that bad so don't think you need to stress too much.

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