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Help on rejoining RNR


Good evening all,
New to the site but am desperately seeking advice before contacting my AFCO. I was in the RNR 5 years ago (next Jan) and have been seriously thinking about rejoining. I was just wondering if this was possible. I went to Raleigh to complete my phase 2 but was RTU due to illness (later revealed my appendix was rumbling and ruptured) so never got to pass out. I was scheduled to return but never made it as life made it difficult for me to continue going. I emailed my PO and apologised for my absence just had a lot of things going on outside of the RNR preventing me from going in which I received a very stern reply from my WO basically giving me a rollicking. I was never told I was discharged or AWOL or anything like than nor receive anything to say I was just an email saying i should have told them
Sooner. This as I say was 5 years ago and I am considering rejoining the RNR as I said anybody any info or suggestions before I contact the AFCO. Slightly worried I will get turned away.

Thanks guys



War Hero
If you were RTU'd from training at Raleigh, but wished to remain in the RNR, then presumably you had the good manners to maintain a dialogue with your unit, even if unable to continue to attend.

In the event you simply vanished off the planet, then sooner or later, if you failed to respond to repeated attempts to establish comms, then you'll have been discharged (sacked).

Five years down the track, the odds are a fresh application would be considered however, as a re-entrant, approval to process will be determined by your former service record. In most cases, unless there's more to it than disclosed, it would be unusual not to be permitted to re-enter.


Thanks for your reply. After I was RTU'd, I did attend my unit still for a while and still done training exercises but was ruled out of any fitness as I was still suffering. It was a while after I was RTU'd that i didn't attend anymore. Better and stronger person now with massive regrets as before I stopped attending I never missed a training session. I loved being part of the RNR.


War Hero
The AFCO is obliged to automatically process the application, the final approval is granted by the RNR Branch Manager. I'd be surprised if it was a knock back if the circumstances reflect those claimed.
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