help on impressing the interviewer.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by killkid, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Hello am almost 18 now ;) and i've applied for a 4 year degree in Economics however my burning ambition was always to be a rotary wing pilot. I've decided to join the fleet air arms after uni mainly due to the fact my eyesight covers their requirements and carrier based landings/take offs attract me more and spark more of a challenge.
    However with a degree in Economics would this pose a disadvantage if i was up against people who had degrees in aeronautical engineering in the interview?
    Also hopefully i'll be joining the university air squadron with the aim of flying solo.
    I've also precipitated in Edinburghs 1st youth philanthropy project which sponsors charity's and we won, sponsoring "the mark wright project" the only charity and centre in Britain to support ex-service men and women.
    A family member has also granted me work experience at an RAF base.

    So far do you think i've got a shot at becoming a FAA pilot? Or is there anything else i could do (if passing the aptitude test) to impress the interviewer?

    Thank you!
  2. I think you'll find that isn't the case.

    As for your degree choice, it will not matter, you are not going for an engineering role. Do something that you are interested in or it will be a long 4 years.

    It has been said though that there seems to be a preferance in recent years for taking aircrew candidates straight from school, of course graduates are still successful but it might be worth talking to your nearest ACLO about the pros and cons of doing the degree, whatever the subject. If he/she thinks you might be capable of passing FATs and AIB in the near future it may well be worth considering that as an option.

    There is no 's' on Fleet Air Arm by the way.
  3. A degree is not necessary to join as a Pilot, but as long as you can tell the interviewer why you chose Economics, I can't imagine it being a disadvantage. But as an Aeronautical Engineering student and someone who's also applying as a Pilot, I would say some of the theory we cover, I can see being of use during training.

    That said, I wouldn't recommend doing Aeronautical Engineering just because you want to be a Pilot - it's the mistake I made, and without the proper motivation (i.e. wanting to be a engineer) its very difficult.

    A friend of mine is on UAS and from what he's told me, it basically prepares them for OASC and IOT, and of course it's advantageous in the interview. I've chosen to go down the RNR route myself as I'm led to believe that it actually counts and I welcome the break from student life, you could also consider URNU ( the Navy's equivalent of UAS).

    I would recommend you sort your grammar and punctuation out before going to the interview (Precipitated???), and do a hell of a lot of research into the Fleet Air Arm, and of course the Navy in general. Ask yourself WHY you want to be a Pilot? WHAT can you offer? and one thing that's been drummed into me is show POTENTIAL.

    Other then that, get involved as much as possible at Uni, make the most of every single opportunity available to you, most importantly enjoy it.
  4. You could buy him a really big bouquet of flowers and a bottle of bubbly.

  5. Talk to the AFCO and they can advise you on the best way of going about it.
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    As a potential member of the aviation community you'd do well to learn the difference between "participation" and "precipitation" - did you fall into the project or did you mean that you took part in it? :)
  8. Polish your shoes. I'm not joking. Loads of people were in the AFCO with non-polished shoes. The careers advisors commented :lol:
  9. i polished my shoes for my sift interview today, however i did notice how many young boys walking in to the afco with dirty t-shirts and jogging pants 3 sizes too big hanging halfway down their arses, with fag burns/holes in them,
    Gee that'll certainly impress!!!

    SMARTEN UP, bozoes,

    Rant over, good luck, listen to these guys their advise is worth their weight in gold, and gold in at an all time high.
  10. Aye.

    I went for my RT yesterday, and whilst I appreciate it isn't a particularly formal occasion in terms of the application process (with regard to your interaction with the personnel who are going to make or break your application, I mean), it still amazed me how scruffy certain individuals looked. Personally, though I was weary of seeming over-dressed, I went for shirt, tie, best trousers, best shoes, etc. As far as I was concerned I was in the first stage of the most important process of my life and I wanted to make a good impression.

    Still, each to their own. They're not me so what do I care?

    In terms of impressing the interviewer, I think knowledge and maturity are key as well as two other crucial things - confidence and HONESTY.
  11. Aye, dress sharp whenever you have an appointment at the AFCO, even for the medical... shirt, tie, trousers & shoes. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact, be confident, be honest even it means saying something you're ashamed of, apart from sordid sexual antics, keep those to yourself - or save them to post on here, some regulars might like you better and consequently let you off the hook when you inevitably say something retarded. Best of luck.
  12. ..... assume a friendly facial expression of bland innocence (and deny any knowledge of the existence of RR) 8O
  13. I definitely agree with looking smart every time you go into the AFCO.

    Guys - BHS are doing a deal just now where you get the shoes, tie and shirt free if you buy a reasonably priced men's suit. So no excuses!

    killkid - if you have the opportunity to join an URNU (University Royal Naval Unit) when you go to University it will give you a taste of the Royal Navy plus you may get the chance to do a flying camp with the FAA during one of your holidays.

    All the best,

  14. Best of luck. Be confident, maintain eye contact, speak up, don't cross your legs or fold your arms.
    And when you're in, avoid Pingers like the devil himself.
  15. In my sift interview, the ACLO commented favourably on my smart appearance, the fact that I was half an hour early for the interview, that I maintained eye contact even when he made attempts to put me off by staring longingly into my eyes and that I demonstrated that I'd thought about the kinds of questions he was going to ask and could thus reel off a decent and structured response. Moreover, he reserved particular comment for positivity - on life, on my future, on the RN etc.

    Btw regarding UAS/URNU - while the UAS is good for flying, I got myself onto a 2 week Special Flying Award through the URNU. While I've not been a member of the UAS, I can tell you that the URNU is great for taking advantage of ship acquaints, time at sea, squadron visits, helicopter exercises and indeed making contacts. I had met my ACLO at an URNU event previously and while it doesn't give you any direct advantage, it is useful for the ACLO to know a little more about you and it's good for the candidate to have a chat with them before going through the interview process. Those are my two pennies anyhoo - there's a link below for an URNU recruitment ad if you're interested.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have to say that would indeed impress, however we would have to declare it in that little-used book: "Corporate gifts" and then pay the treasury the value of the gift.. (The only time I ever saw anything in that book was when someone decided to declare the Commanding Officer of an Aircraft Carrier received a Jaguar motor car - just after the CTM was published entitled "Gifts from trade")

    What doesn't impress the interviewer is chewing gum, tardiness, scruffiness, unclean or unshaven interviewees.
  17. Cheers guys for the reply's, yeah sorry for the sloppy grammar and spelling in the main post. As am wanting to join the navy purely for flying would joining the UAS not benefit me more and learning about naval history,ships etc etc in my own time? I understand that the URNU have flying camps and activities but if i joined the UAS would i be able to still meet some of the naval officers?
  18. No, they are also highly unlikely to take you if you say you want to join the FAA - official policy says they do not only take those wishing to join the RAF, but the reality is very different.

    Join an URNU, do a flying camp, take advantage of all the visits, events, training etc that is laid on and absorb as much information about the RN as possible. Bear in mind you might not pass FATs or pass AIB with a high enough score for aircrew - you want to know your options should that happen.
  19. Or you can be a complete idiot and buy them £25 worth of Thornton chocolates :oops: The fun part comes when you have to explain why you're giving away a very "manly" box of chocolates to a 6ft tall scary sailor type in an AFCO.

    :oops: It seemed like a great idea at the time *stares uncomfortably at the ground* lol.
  20. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thats just your tendencies becoming strong, Mrbollocks. Save asking the question about your sexuallity and time on the interview.

    Apparently Ninja is a black magic man.

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