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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Kyle.L.19, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    recently went for my Medical,and was declared medically fit, but my eye sight was a VA3, and to be a diver i needed a VA2.

    So i had a long think about it and decided to go along with my second chioce as a AET.

    Im interested in the area of 'jungley' all i know is that they go frontline? and maintain aircraft there?,

    Someone also said you do similar training with marines, and you fly out with them?

    Im a bit mixed up in this area and tried to find information on it, it seems a bit vague! Could anyone hav eany information to share on Jungley.

    Many thanks :)

  2. I have no recent experience, left the mob 15 years ago.

    I served on a Junglie squadron as a NAM, the equivalent of an AET.

    Great fun. You service the Junglies Sea King 4's etc. You do a bit of Marine training as you will be required to carry the weapon of the day, be it SA80 or whatever, when detached ashore.

    Get bladdered and generaly have loads more fun than if you where on a Pinger squadron.

    Hopefully some one more recent will be along to update on what happens on todays Junglie squadrons. :thumright:
  3. if you like Yeovilton Iraq and Afghanistan you will love it - they are so stretched these days the fun stuff is all but gone.
  4. Same as waspie here too I am afraid. My last Green machine was a "Wessy 5". The only Seaqueen I worked on was a Mk 1 at Culdrose doing my QM n QS.

    There must be some recent ex Junglies here?
  5. My lad is a current "junglie" - had his notice in for 13 months, and to be honest i don't blame him.
  6. 13 months - what the f*ck has he done wrong. can you enlighten and if possible i'll regurgitatew some BR help.

    get his DO to get his finger out and sort it out!!!
  7. I've been on the Junglie circuit for nearly 4 years, been to Iraq and Afghanistan, but i've also been on some other fantastic trips. Yes there are manpower problems, however, there are still some awesome trips that go on every year! Morrocco, Kenya, France, Germany, Crete, Oman. Its a fantastic circuit, you'll make some quality friends and work with some brilliant people. Hope that is of some help, try to ignore the negative vibes.
  8. Don't hold all your hopes on becoming a Junglie, drafty will send you where they have a gap.

    You can request Junglies, but you might become part of the premier side of the FAA and work on the mighty Harrier, or just as easily become a Lynx Fag (wafu fishead)!!!

    Good luck and I hope it works out for you.

    (I'll stand back now and take the Flack!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  9. Not trying to be negative at all guys - listen to the people who are actually on the circuit rather than me :) I can only tell you about one individual not the whole thing - and would not claim any first hand knowledge either
  10. Yet again i may be misleading - he is due out in soon - i am assuming the old 18 months notice is still in force - as always i stand to be corrected :thanks:
  11. You must be drafy's nark :thumright: - my boy has been on the circuit about the same amount of time - he has done Germany and Norway - no mention of the rest - but hey wtf do i know? :afro:
  12. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I did 5 years on the circuit. I got to go to Norway, Bosnia/Croatia and Scotland.

    Err, and that was it! Hence, I branch-changed! The 3 other guys in my mess all pvr'd.

    Lots of guys are leaving as it's shite and the op tempo is ridiculous. However, you cannot ask for a better bunch of lads to work with-some of the best mates you will ever make.

    Don't listen to JFH-he's talking balls. :D Only homo's go down the Harrier route ;)
  13. It hasn't been 18 months for years. I handed my notice in 2002 12 months later I was realised. You only have to give 12 months notice these days unless they've raised it again.

    If he's doing 13 months must be something wrong somewhere. And you should never asssume anything except damage controls states and command of a vessel. :thumright:
  14. That is the reason so many leave - if there were a realistic chance of things improving in the near future retention figures would improve dramatically - i would hate to see the attrition rate currently
  15. Never needed to give it much thought - i did the full stretch :thumright:
  16. :)Thanks guys for your comments..

    Is it possible to transfer to aircrewmen from AET after keeping your head down in AET for some years?

  17. Its nice to have an interest in what area of the Woo world you want to end up in, as you will no doubt be asked a lot in training, and eventually get to fill out a DPC, but as already stated, it depends where they can fit you. Consider also that Junglies encompass 847sqn (used to be 3 bazz for the old n bold) and CHF (commando helicopter force), so its no all mk4 seaking. I have known guys get detached from 845/846to RFAs (to do vertrep role) for long periods, seriously cushy number when there's no cab on board and you are just in transit.

    From 847, you could swap draft with pongoes, might even get to do all arms, but most sprogs joining junglies have this as their stated aim and get their gash tats before realising its not a right. Chances of this are about the same for a Lynx rating on the "fishead" sqns though, and you might enjoy more time in the aircraft there as a flight winchman/door gunner, although thats the observers job as such, they always need some dead weight to keep the line noice and toight.

    Aircrew transfer used to be all but locked out, just the numbers in the small branch, and to be honest, if you are switched on and get to be fast stream AET (Tiff), you would be better off financially to pursue that. However, I have known a guy that left Tiffs course to be killick aircrew, although on pinger sqns at Culdrose they get to fly over the beaches and wear hairgel/suncream, I wonder what he saw in it :thumright:
  18. ahaha thanks Ships_Cat

    So you would advise AET would be more financially better?

    However it IS possible to transfer to Aircrewmen though?

    would be nice to have that option .

  19. You missed the critical (Tiff) bit ;-)
  20. Do you wear glasses?

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