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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ajr0096229, Feb 26, 2015.

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  1. Hi there had my medical on the 22nd of jan and was told I'd have to wait 4weeks until they recieved some paperwork from my doctor about a previous injury to my knee 4weeks pass still no letter so I got in contact with my Afco to which there reply was wait a few more weeks for this "letter" to come through. today I wake up to an email saying I have a medical booked for the 16th of April so call up to which I'm told I do have a medical booked because I must of failed my first one now I can understand so if I was even told on what grounds but then my CA then told me I shouldn't of been waiting for a letter after telling me the other day I should be this probably makes no sense but if anyone can make sense of this please help I was never told at any point I had failed the medical which is my main concern?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you cannot be passed fit at the initial medical, you are automatically termed "Temporarily Medically Unfit" until the info is supplied and it will be resolved one way or the other at the follow-up medical. The Doctor at your initial medical will have explained the circumstances regarding your medical suitability for service. Your AFCO are not privy to the details regarding your medical history.

    Odds are you declared a medical condition but did not produce a copy of your medical records relating to the declared condition at the initial medical examination (as advised in the appointment letter).

    If the Medical Examiner had to write to your GP to gain the required information, the delay will have probably been due to the GP taking ages before producing the requested info.
  3. Ninja, were you trained at Bletchley Park? ;)
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  4. The injury was a dislocated knee about 4-5years ago which never gave me any problems since I didn't have documents to back this up which is why he went to my dr I was just told that I had a new medical and to be there I couldn't speak to my CA directly but have sent her an email the other CA I spoke to took it as if I had been told I had failed my first one but this never happened if that makes sense it's royally confused me as I was just told to wait for this letter back from the navy 2days ago and now be told I should of never been I'm sorry if I've confused your answer I'm just so confused haha
  5. As you do not seem to have any, Have a few of mine. . . . . , , , , ,:D
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    Whereas that sentence made a lot of sense?
  7. Punctuation and grammar seem to be things of the past Ninja. Who the hell teaches English to these youngsters?
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  8. Excuse me... I speak perfect England.

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