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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Curzo14, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. Hi all, applied as a WS around August, during my first medical I was due to have septoplasty on my nose (broken nose operation) which I told them about, I also told them about a previous stress fracture in my back that happened when I was 15 (19 now). He said everything was fine but I would have to come again just to check my nose was ok then I would be ticked and signed off! So imagine my huge disappointed when I went to the 2nd medical and he told me I couldn't join because of my previous back injury! I was gutted but accepted it as it's understandable. However I dares say I am a lot fitter than an average 19 year old being a semi pro footballer. I was just wondering if there would be anyway to appeal this or is it as I expected that there would be no way around it. Sorry for the long story hope you can shed some light on it, thank you
  2. Curzo, AngryDoc or Ninja stoker would be best qualified to advise if there is any route of appeal or process depending on where you are in the medical stages. If you don't want to divulge any sensitive info possibly identifying yourself, or of a medical nature, PM them directly. Bear in mind also their signatures, they are acting in a mostly unofficial capacity and so is this forum. AFCO and the doctors say so is to be heeded.

    I will warn you that you probably already know the answer, but whatever the outcome keep your chin up and best of luck.
  3. Evening. The outcome of your medical in relation to the fracture jn your spine is correct. The Tri-Service medical standards for entry clealry states that a fracture of any type in the spine is a permanent bar to entry. This disregards how fit you may be in civilian life because you are wearing military kit, using heavy weights over unevne ground or on a moving platform like a ship.
    I would advise that an appeal would be futile as you would be arguing against the standards. The only chance would be to have medical evidence that the fracture never existed, which I suspect you won't be able to provide.

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