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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Ammosgt, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi there, im Army.

    Just been promoted to Sgt, moved out of my JNCO room but been detached to another unit for 6 months as a Sgt.

    Moved into the detachment units mess.

    Phoned back to my unit to ask for a room to return to at weekends and periods of standown but was given a non availibilty of accomidation chit.

    Now what?

    LSA? anything else i can claim for? IE ? MMA? Disurbance allowence? Food?

    Am i entittled to any relocation leave?

    Please could you advise!

    Many thanks in advance
  2. I saw this question when you posted it in the other place, and must admit to being a little perplexed. Why would you want to travel from your new place of duty to your old place of duty to spend weekends and leave? Is the new place that bad that you cannot bear to be there, or can you not face the thought of being separated from your oppos? Do you not have a place that you still think of as 'home', perhaps your parents' house?

    Anyway, to answer your questions, according to the limited information you have given, and using JSP752, the answers are;
    LSA = No. JSP752 Ch5 art 05.0101 and 05.0103e1
    DA = No. JSP752 Ch7 art07.0119
    MMA = No. JSP752 Ch4 art 04.0601
    Food and incidentals = No. JSP Ch3 Art03.0501
  3. You're in a strange situation. I'm assuming that your promotion to Sgt and detachment happened at the same time, hence why you have moved straight from the ORs accom to the Sgts' Mess at the new location.

    The good news: As your detachment is less than 6 months you are entitled to retain SLA at your permanent location.

    The problem - you've been issued a NAC which indicates there is no SLA available at your permanent location. This will entitle you to be accommodated in Substitute SLA.

    The bad news: SSLA can only be retained for up to 61 days when absent on detachment. Therefore, if you had moved from the ORs accom into SSLA then you would still have to move out for the detachment because it is over 61 days.

    There is the possibility that the Local Service Commander could authorise the retention beyond 62 days. Given that you haven't actually moved into SLA yet I would imagine this COA is highly unlikely.

    Best option? Get your name on the waiting list for a room in the Sgts' Mess. If you don't get a room by the time you return then you will have to be offered SSLA or possibly a misappropriated SFA.
  4. So what can i actually claim for if anything?
  5. Also i thought i was entiltiled to have somewhere to go at weekends and periods of shutdown? many thanks in advance
  7. thought i might be able to get the answer here, than at my new place......first impressions and all

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