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War Hero
Being black I worry about death as I have been told that when you are about to croak you turn pale.
This is extremely disturbing as in years to come someone might dig my half rotted carcass out of the ground and think I was a bleedin honky. This is more frightening than death itself.
As there are no bones in a Jake (That's like a white mans c0ck only much bigger), there would be no way of telling that in life I was rigged like a three badge donkey.
Also as I was born free, my hoop has never been subjugated to the filthy honky habit of stretch the ringo, so there would be no tell tale signs there either.
I was whipped heartily once, but that's another story for diamond Lil's.

So put your collective heads together and try to come up with a few suggestions of what I might have put in my coffin to indicate I am a true bruv. :D :wink:

Edited to ask the first friendly (Or even horrible MOD) who happens along to put this thread into Lils or the gash. TA :D


War Hero
Ninja_Stoker said:
Sorted bro'
I would like to thanks you as a real bruver.
:D :wink:


War Hero
WreckerL said:
Be buried in your best threads 'bro

I'm liking this wreck's I surely own some wicked threads,. Every brother wants to strut his stuff even at the pearly gates. 8)

And the idea of bling is good as long as the thieving undertaker don't rob a poor brother. :twisted:

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