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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by woody678, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. hi all first off thanks for all the help i received a few months ago when i was going through my application. however i do have a question, i applied as etme(sm), and after my interview my careers adviser said to try and get into a garage to get a bit more work experience with mechanics, i did this and am not really enjoying it. but have been enjoying working in the warehouse and stores at work and on the computers odering e.t.c.
    Do the navy let you change careers as i am thinking of changing to cis(sm) or logs sc (sm) as i dont want to get into a job and then hate it and waste a place for someone who would love that job.but would really love to stay as submariner. thanks

  2. No advice as such, simply to say call your AFCO as soon as possible as they'll be able to give you definitive official answers. Good luck.
  3. Woody

    If I were you, I would ring your CA today and ask to go in to the AFCO to talk this through with him/her. Better to do this now rather than later. Honestly.
  4. cool cheers guys, but is it aloud to be done by that i mean can people change during application and obviously i would just go to the bottom of the pile for the trade i chose o and no need to answer just a genral enquiry but what is i know logs cs is logistics catering but waht does the (p) and (d) stand for
  5. (P) - preparation - Chef
    (D) - delivery - Serving the food.
  6. cheers
  7. Yes, you are allowed to change your branch choice at any time prior to joining provide you meett the required standards for your new branch choice. As you are aware, it may have an impact on the time you can expect to wait.
  8. thanks lonestar and everyone else its just a bit of a waste if i take a place of someone who really wants it and secondly it could ruin the expectations i had of navy life e.t.c
  9. Have you been given a start date yet?
  10. Woody

    What are you going to do now?
  11. no start date as of yet was going to b told in june,(looking at nov) and we have people working on our house all week so i will have to make a phone call to him tommrow, either to make an appointment or discuss over the phone. i must admit im not looking forward to the even longer wait but thats the sacrifice i should make.
  12. Woody

    You could e-mail your CA and explain how you feel and ask him/her to get back to you.
  13. i can ring tommorow its ok
  14. During my visit to RNAC i decided that my career choice wasnt for Me so after i finished the course i contacted my local AFCO and they aranged for Me to go in for a chat asking why i changed my mind and what i expected to gain from the change. Id contact them asap as i had been given a start date but due to Me changing jobs ive been set back two months.

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