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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by janner, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Received via Submariners Association .... please reply directly to Peter whose email address is at the bottom of his post

    Dear Sir,
    I'm writing to ask for assistance. I currently hold the position of
    submarine ship keeper at the Australian national maritime museum and have
    recently offered to write an article for the museums quarterly magazine,
    Signals. The article will be a means of recognising the 40th anniversary of
    the commissioning of HMAS Onslow and I hope to devote much of it to the
    experiences of the commissioning crew, their training here and in England
    and immense task of getting Onslow operational.

    I was hoping that you may be able to get me in contact with some of the
    original crew, or the training personnel from HMS Dolphin and other
    establishments so that I may conduct some interviews via the telephone or
    email. My contact details are below and I was hoping that you could forward
    them on to anyone that you feel may be willing to assist me in this
    endeavour. If I could talk with any members of the commissioning crews of
    the first four Australian "O" boats, Oxley, Otway, Ovens and Onslow, it
    would be of great assistance, but submariners who had also worked on the "A"
    and "T" boats of the fourth submarine flotilla or those who transferred to
    the RAN from the royal navy would be a bonus. I hope to give as broad a
    picture as possible of the years between 1961, when the Royal Navy formally
    announced the withdrawal of the fourth submarine flotilla, until 1970 and
    the arrival of HMAS Onslow in Australian waters.

    I would like to see more attention paid to our submarine, in the form of
    research and published articles by the museum, and I hope that the planned
    story will stimulate more interest in HMAS Onslow and the submarine squadron
    more generally, as we build up to the 50th anniversary of Onslows
    commissioning in 2019.
    I have a first draft dead line of the 19th of October and have made little
    head way with my limited contacts within the submarine fraternity, your
    assistance in making contact with potential interviewees would be invaluable
    for I am; as Onslows motto describes, Festina Lente, hastening slowly.

    Many thanks,

    Peter Lightbody
    Fleet Section,
    Australian National Maritime Museum,
    2 Murray street,

    [email protected]

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