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Discussion in 'History' started by ANGWISH, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm lost, i posted on a thread this morning, can't remember what is was about, but,
    someone posted about the Intepid being the first grey funnel line to have a harrier land on, i thought it was the Bulwark and was going to check the commission book, now i can't find the bloody thread!!! :? :? 8)
  2. Just checked the Bulwark book. Joint RN/RAF exercise "Sally Forth '73" - quote "The day ended with two Harrier aircraft taking off from Bulwark" --------" these two RAF jump jets demonstrated their ability to lift off vertically - from the deck of a carrier."
    This seems to have taken place in the Firth of Forth in late July, but it doesn't say where they landed on. There is, however, a picture titled 'Harrier trials off Cyprus', before "she sailed to Athens for a 5 day visit, 2-7 June.
    Does that help?

    Regarding being 'lost'. Go into "my account" and check all posts.

  3. Prior to the Harrier becoming operational a prototype name the Kestrel if my memory is correct landed on the old Bulwark way back in the middle 60s. This could have been in the Med or the FE.

    I can plainly remember this white painted beast landing on one of the midship spots and buying photos now long gone from the Phots.

  4. Yes! Just found the reference Pol.
    Quote :- "On 18th June (1966) the ship carried out trials with a small aircraft, the Hawker P1127, or Kestrel. At the time it attracted little attention, but it introduced the principle of vertical/short take-off and landing (V/STOL) at sea. The aircraft was to enter service some years later in the guise of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier."

    Page 53 of "HMS Bulwark" Maritime Books 1986.
    There is also a small picture of the FDO waving her in.

  5. That's the one folks. There's a piccie in the commission book, but no date. During the first landings they discovered just how thin the flight deck was.(nearly burned a hole is it) I even managed to wangle a w/e at home when we were anchored off Rosyth. Thank's guys.

    Brzen, i reckon you are just "perfik" :wink: :wink: 8)
  6. What's the book called 2BM?, where can i get a copy??
  7. Rember in the 70's I think it was - one run out of fuel and landed on a merchant ship.

    Also seem to remeber one of the first landings being on a Rover flight deck.

    I am sure others more qualified than me will comment
  8. Hi Angwish,
    Book is HMS Bulwark 1948-1984 by Ken Burns and Mike Critchley.
    Maritime Books of Liskeard, Cornwall 1986. ISBN 0 907771 28 9.
    128 pages, each chapter describes a commission except the first and last, which deal with her building in Belfast and her demise at Cairnryan, tons of piccies. A bloody good read and well worth the £9.95 mine cost me from the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton, but that was a few years ago!!
    I stood by her in Belfast and did the first commission up till Suez.
    Best wishes,
    Peter (2BM)
  9. :D Remember the deck landing during 'Sally Forth' well and also a later land on in Gibraltar if my memory serves. 8O
  10. Think that might have been me!
    I was on the Intrepid when a Harrier landed and was under the impression that this was the first time. Perhaps it was the first time on that particular ship only?
    It was a long time ago and I remember us all going to look at where it had burnt the paint on the flight deck away.
    It did a fast low pass down the side of the ship first. The captain turned around to the chief gunner and pointing to the 40/60 said something along the lines of 'We couldn't hit that with one of those'.
    The poor old chief was so put out he wouldn't talk to the skipper again and eventually got another draft.
    It must have been somewhere around 74 or 75 at a guess.

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