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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by chockhead819, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Does the FAA still have a flag officer FONAC, FONA type of thing?
    If so does anyone have a phone number, email address.
    The reason being a member of one of my groups is organising a drumhead ceremony to commerate the 25th anniversary at RAF Waddington & has received a knock back.
  2. He was called FOMA (Maritime Aviation) a couple of years back. Will check when I get in on Monday and ping you back.
  3. FOMA (and associated AOC 3 Group) was disassociated by the crabs a few years back.

    We now have Rear Admiral Fleet Air Arm who actually is the Second Sea Lord, VADM Adrian Johns, an ex pinger and lynx driver.

  4. Cheers any contact nos/addresses greatfully received.
    btw does anyone know if the FAA is organising anything from next year?
  5. I dont actually have 2SL's home number! Seeing as FLEET and 2SL effectively merged in April you could try phoning Leach Building on Whale Island.

    As for Waddington, we normally send a couple of cabs up there for the airshow. Also there is a WAFU on exchange with 8 Sqn RAF up there - you could touch base with him.
  6. MOD op in pompey is 02392 722351. However do not expect them to know who 2SL is as they are civvies, you will probably end up with the Wardroom in Sultan or something.
  7. I take its the famous MOD switchboard, I tried phoning Yeovilton & Gannet, to be told in future please dial this number, they rattled off something like 98976534, can I do that from a civvy line, err no.
  8. YOu have to be firm with them. Tell them that you are not phone over the network and please would they give you the direct line (although some units have this, some do not) I know excellent does and it might be 023 92 54 xxxx so you might try using the last four digits of the network no

  9. Chockhead819, Greetings!

    The FAA has undergone serious surgery over the past few years to remove any control over maritime aviation that the RN once exercised. Essentially, as you probably know, we first lost control of the Commando Helicopters (Mk4 Sea King) who were grabbed by HQ Land under the umbrella of the Joint Helicopter Force (JHC) but nominated as the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) - they are now Booties when it suits and 'em Navy when it doesn't. The next casualty was the Sea Harrier FA2 squadrons - scooped up originally by HQ 3 Group, they were subsequently incorporated into HQ 1 Group and now form part of the Joint Harrier Force located at RAF Wittering and RAF Cottesmore. With regard to FAA Flag Officers, FONAC was abolished and became FONA who was also abolished and became COMNA who has also become defunct and now is a function of CinCFleet with the title of Assistant Chief of Staff Aviation (ACOS[AV]). It's a big step down from the days of FAA superiority in my early days in the RN (1958) but is probably indicative and right that you have to 'cut your suit to fit the cloth'. What I do believe, however, is that those senior officers representing FAA interests within CinC Fleet, are fiercely defending their corner. With regard to direct contact with the staff of Rear Admiral Fleet Air Arm (RAFAA) - who is in truth, a Vice Admiral, please contact me via pm.
  10. Don't wish to sound pedantic, but I believe he is now ACOS (CSAV). Carrier strike and Aviation?
  11. I think I'm glad I left when I did,
    We had Invincible,Illustrious, Ark Royal, Fearless, Interpid, Gannet,Culdrose,Portland, Yeovilton
    Squadrons 800,801,899,810,814,819,820,824,826,829,845,845,849,706,707,702,815,

    and an Admiral!!
  12. Actually 2 - ACOS (AV) - Aviation generally; and ACOS (CS (Ithink)) - Carrier Strike.

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