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Help needed with fundraising


Hello guys, I am my divisional charity rep and I am looking to organise a cycle race as a way to raise money. I don’t actually want to go anywhere though so I am looking to get hold of some turbo trainers and some bicycle speedometers so I can calculate the distance travelled while remaining static in the lovely bandstand in Dartmouth. Does anyone have any hanging around in sheds we could borrow? We would much rather put the money it would cost to buy them to better use, however if not can any cyclists recommend some good but mostly cheap ones we can use?

We are hoping to have a race between RN, RM and RFA over 24 hours, set up in Dartmouth over a Saturday with some nicely dressed ladies and gents shaking buckets and manning stands. The chosen charity (voted for by the division) is Help for Heroes.

Also I will be setting up a just giving page very soon if anyone wants to donate.

Hopefully we will have some nice rivalry and a fun day and raise money for a good cause.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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As you have no doubt been given this task so as to enable you to show a bit of initiative, why don't you?

Why are you even considering buying them? Speak to local gyms, fitness suppliers and cycle stores, see if they'll help you out by way of some mutually beneficial publicity, it's not rocket science.

You're going to be an Officer FFS.


Monty, I have sent emails to local firms explaining the situation and doing just that.

Would you rather I sit and wait for a response before exploring other options, If I am successful in securing the items from companies then I can just respond to my own post, however if I am not getting the search started as early as possible is surely beneficial?

I am considering buying them if all else fails because there is a strong consensus that this is what people want and a lot more interest in this kind of event than a bag pack/car wash so it should generate more money.

After the event we can auction the equipment of to recoup some of the costs or donate them to local charities or clubs to give something back to the community.

Thanks for the idea anyway, any more help or suggestions are appreciated.
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Lantern Swinger
Is your choice of charity set in stone? Yes H4H is an extremely worthy cause but for a charity event at BRNC I would have thought something a bit more RN/RM/Seafearer specific might be more appropriate.

There are plenty of smaller charities that are probably not doing so well as a result of the popularity of H4H. How about a split?

Just my thoughts....

Anyway, best of luck!


War Hero
I've got an upmarket exercise bike thing in my outhouse, the type where you pedal like Fck and get nowhere, much akin to a logical argument with Mrs T. It's got speed and distance things on it. Any use.


Why don't you just wheel out the spinning exercise bikes from the gym?


Trewlawney that could end up being a great help thank you for the offer I will let you know when things have progressed a little.

The communicator, no its not. If I get enough feedback from interetsed parties that a more local or specific charity or a split in the donations would be more wideley appreciated then I can sort that out.

Thanks again Monty for the idea, the person I spoke to seems to think it might be an issue so I am going through the appropriate channels now.

Thanks again guys for the input.
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